December 2023
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In Australia, someone dares defend their home. In Britain they’d get prosecuted by our useless PC plods

(Monday blog)

Good riddance to the whining Scrots

First let us celebrate that the whingeing, whining Scrottish rugby team have been thrashed out of the world cup. The other teams, whose games were cancelled due to the typhoon, accepted this with sportmanship realising that their Japanese hosts were more concerned with protecting property and lives than with some pointless game of rugby. But the whingeing, whining Scrots immediately started threatening legal action to ensure their game was kept. That seems to me to be rather insulting to their Japanese hosts – the Scrots’ assumption that their game of rugby was more important than Japanese lives.

Anyway, thankfully the Scrots were beaten by Japan and have now hopefully headed home. Though with the screeching, vertically-challenged wee Krankie running Scrotland, perhaps the Scrots will consult their lawyers and start demanding the game be replayed and replayed and replayed until the Scrots win?

Australians deal with immigrant house invaders

Here’s a lovely little video of how a couple of Australian men dealt with some immigrant house invaders. The video is presented by a guy called Avi Yemini. He’s an Australian from an orthodox Jewish family. He spent a few years serving in the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and has a fairly realistic view of the benefits Australian society will get from mass immigration of vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural enrichers.

If this happened in Britain, the householders would be prosecuted by our useless hug-a-rapefugee police.


2 comments to In Australia, someone dares defend their home. In Britain they’d get prosecuted by our useless PC plods

  • William Boreham

    According to this young lady, the Aussie’s are even more soft on crime than we are, especially as regards defending yourself against home invasion.

  • Stillreading

    What a spirited, intelligent, utterly SENSIBLE young woman! Somewhat different from our feeble Libtard snowflakes! Such a tragedy though that Australia is evidently rushing headlong to its own destruction, just as is most of Europe. The same is happening in New Zealand – in fact I understand from relatives there that it is some way ahead of Australia in the race to self-elimination. When I (then already quite an elderly woman) was travelling alone around New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia two decades ago, I felt utterly safe wherever I chose to roam unaccompanied. I found Australians friendly, forthright, proud of their pioneering past and welcoming to all visitors who behaved themselves. A few examples I witnessed in the evenings of my fellow-countrymen “having fun”, made me ashamed to be English, but they were summarily and appropriately dealt with. Now, it appears, Australians are having to tolerate, through alien invasion, the systematic demolition of their country and culture on the whim of leftie politicians. Good for the guys who went for the intruders with a baseball bat. I suppose, in the context of the video above, they must consider themselves fortunate not to have been prosecuted. Or perhaps they may yet be? One must acknowledge, though, that the majority of voting Australians presumably endorse the destruction of their country, since it is they who elected their leaders.

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