May 2022
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How many West-hating, benefits-scrounging migrants can fit (safely) into one van?

(Monday blog)

I wanted to do a story today about how corrupt supposed ‘socialists’ Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren are. But then I came across this short (2 minutes) video.

So, here’s today’s competition. It’s called ‘Count the West-hating, benefits-scrounging migrants’.

The challenge is to count how many West-loathing, work-allergic, deeply criminal, benefits-scrounging migrants there are in this van. I haven’t yet worked out what the prize is. Perhaps it will be the opportunity to win the chance to provide a home for a migrant family for 20 years?

Good luck!

2 comments to How many West-hating, benefits-scrounging migrants can fit (safely) into one van?

  • A Thorpe

    It’s amusing to start with, like one of those magic tricks where things come from nowhere. Then you wake up and remember the video from a few days ago telling us who is going to be the majority.

  • William Boreham

    We spend around £37 billion a year on ‘defence’ – against whom one wonders? What is the point of having nuclear submarines and giant aircraft carriers when we are being successfully invaded everyday of the week? Thousands of crackpots are willing to bring London to a halt because of some mythical climate change, apparently at ease with the vastly more important horrific reality that their grandchildren will be living under Sharia. This country has gone bonkers, today I read that a fourth year medical student was admitted to Cardiff University Medical School who is almost totally deaf and blind. The BBC celebrated this as ‘Capturing NHS diversity.’  ITV glorified it as ‘Deafblind medical student pursuing her dreams.’ All the media, without exception, as well as an NHS spokesman said how wonderful this was and that it showed that anyone can do anything and overcome discrimination. There were 2579 applicants for the 309 places, was a deaf and blind student really one of the best candidates? What next, finding your GP is now a female wearing the full burka?

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