December 2023
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Soon ‘you know who’ will be the majority

(weekend blog)

No week would be complete without a few heartwarming stories of the benefits of diversity and multi-cultural enrichment.

France – “no evidence of radicalisation”

First just a quick bit of information about the chap who murdered four colleagues at a police HQ in Paris. The French authorities have repeatedly claimed this was not a terrorist attack and that there had absolutely been no evidence the murderer had been radicalised. But now we learn that the man, who stabbed four people to death in the Paris police headquarters, was a convert to Islam enraged by a reprimand from a female colleague. IT worker Michael Harpon, 45, is said to have killed his female supervisor — who had previously reprimanded him for refusing to deal with women — with a ceramic blade, before going on to attack several other police personnel, leaving a total of four dead and one critically wounded before he was fatally shot.

So, now you know. Just because a person suddenly starts refusing to work with women, that is no indication at all that the person might just be an eensy teensy bit radicalised by their misunderstanding of our favourite religion.

Crapistan – slow genocide of Christians continues

A Crapistani Christian man died on 3 September as a result of severe torture inflicted while held in police custody in Lahore, according to a post-mortem examination.

The examination found evidence of torture on the hands, back and arms of Amir Masih, a gardener who went to North Cantonment Police Station voluntarily to give a statement to clear his name following a minor theft from his employer’s home. His ribs were also broken.

Amir Masih was taken to an undisclosed location where he was tortured in an attempt to force a confession for an offence he did not commit. His brother claimed that police had urinated on him while cursing him for being a Christian.

CCTV footage later emerged that shows two policemen drawing up at a hospital on a motorcycle with Masih on the back. He is unable to stand and one of the officers kicks him while he is on the ground before both officers drag him inside. The link above takes you to a Crapistani news report showing cctv outside the hospital in which the two police officers throw the Christian onto the ground, kick him and then drag him into the hospital as one does with Christians in Crapistan.

Rapey, Rapey

Also in Crapistan, a video has been circulating on the Internet of three Crapistani men raping a Christian girl. As they kick, hit and rape the Christian girl she begs them for mercy. But they laugh at her and tell her she’s lucky that there are only three of them because normally when they rape Christian girls they do it in groups of at least 20 men at a time

Swedistan – work is for stupid kaffirs

In happy Sweden, of the 60,500 migrants who were granted residence in 2015, only 4,574 have bothered to find jobs. The other 55,926 live off benefits – free housing, free healthcare, free education for their children, free money, free everything.

In fact, several communes or councils (kommuner) which have accepted large numbers of migrants are going bankrupt because taxpaying Swedes are moving out causing a drop in tax revenues while the costs of supporting the migrants keep increasing.

Also in Sweden, a migrant who repeatedly raped and twice impregnated an 11-year-old girl has been expelled from the country. Hooray. The Swedes showing some backbone at last? Nope. The rapist has been given permission to return to Sweden after 10 years so he can carry on raping whoever he wants while probably living off benefits for the rest of his life

Germany – using pregnant women as footballs?

In the evening of Monday 30 September, a pedestrian in Frankfurt’s Ostend district was attacked and injured. The perpetrator was held by witnesses and arrested by the police. At 5:54 p.m., the 31-year-old Frankfurt woman was on her way home on foot in Ostparkstraße when she was suddenly and without reason kicked sideways in the abdomen by the perpetrator, who was approaching her from behind. The 31-year-old woman then fell to the ground and had abdominal pain. Witnesses who became aware of the incident were able to follow the perpetrator and finally catch him, whereby the perpetrator threatened two witnesses with a beer bottle. The police, who had been alerted in the meantime, finally arrested the man, a 25-year-old Syrian citizen. As the 31-year-old woman is currently pregnant, she was taken by ambulance to a hospital where she was admitted as an inpatient. Initial findings indicate that there is no relationship between the 25-year-old offender and the victim.

But this is now the norm in Germany – migrants kicking and punching women at random because of their hatred for women. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing this.

Meanwhile in Britain

1 comment to Soon ‘you know who’ will be the majority

  • William Boreham

    This below is from some site, might have been GatesofVienna, that I translated from German and substituted it for what will happen in GB.

    “And one of the items was ‘a peek into Germany’s future‘, which mirrors ours as we both have similar numbers of Muslim immigrants both breeding millions yet more ‘Warriors for Allah’ like flies as the low birth rate of the indigenous population means our numbers decline.
    There is no European country where the indigenous white population is breeding in sufficient numbers to even maintain just their current population levels and America is not coming to the rescue as their white population is in decline also.
    How tragic that we have the lunacy of NATO in conflict with Russia when the real disaster facing both of us are the millions of our own kind not being born.
    What is desperately needed is an urgent programme to assist b all means possible those white Europeans of sufficient IQ to produce as many children as possible, while cutting all forms of welfare, assistance and child allowances to non-white residents.
    It is the ONLY solution the what is European mass suicide – but of course, it would need a leader with the ruthlessness of a Hitler to implement and the would be racist!
    How ironic that Hitler guaranteed the future of the British people while our own politicians since 1945 have done all they can to destroy us.”

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