July 2024

Desecrating churches is OK. Desecrating a mosque gets you a death sentence

(Thursday blog)

The strange death of Kevin Crehan

Many readers will remember the case of Kevin Crehan. Kevin ‘Bunny’ Crehan, 35, was jailed for putting bacon on the door handles of a mosque during a racist protest in Bristol. Here’s a photo of Crehan’s ‘terrible’ racist crime:


Pretty frightening, huh? Oh, and he also tied a St Georges flag to the mosque railings. Even more frightening?

On 27 December 2016, after serving five months of his one-year prison sentence, Crehan was found dead in his prison cell. At the time Avon and Somerset Police knew enough to say that they were ‘not treating his death as suspicious’ – curious statement to make before any investigation had been carried out.

Now, I don’t know how long it takes to do an autopsy. Maybe 24 hours at most? Then, if there some lab tests to be done on blood or vital organs, perhaps add another few days. So, that’s about a week in all. But it took until May 2018 – more than a year after Crehan’s death – for the autopsy results to be released. A post-mortem examination heard he died of a suspected overdose of methadone. I wonder what the prison authorities were doing all that time? And if Crehan really did die of a drug overdose, I wonder who administered the drugs – Crehan himself or some of our friends from our favouritest group who now seem to run most of our prisons?

At the time of Crehan’s ‘crime’ the story was bigged up by most of the mainstream media to show what dangerous, Izlumophobic, fascist, racists we appalling whiteys are and to ‘prove’ that the greatest terrorist threat in the UK clearly came from white extremists and absolutely not our friends from our wonderfullest religious creed.

Wanna wreck a church? No problem

You probably won’t find the story of Muhammed Mughal in any mainstream media. It’s not the kind of story the BBC and C4 News thinks is important.

Muhammed and some of his chums broke into All Saints Church, Highfield Lane, Keighley and proceeded to wreck the place. The damage included daubing graffiti on the walls, damaging doors, breaking windows and letting off fire extinguishers. We haven’t been told what the graffiti said, but I suspect it wasn’t very polite about Christians.

In court Mughal, of Cliffe Street, Keighley, pleaded guilty to the rather minor offence of causing criminal damage to the church and that was accepted by the prosecution. There was no mention of this being a ‘hate crime’. And it looks like Muhammed Mughal won’t be going anywhere near a prison for his desecration of a church in spite of the (IMHO) useless judge sternly warning “This court takes an extremely dim view of those who desecrate a place of worship.”

Oh, and the vicar, the Rev Jonathan Pritchard, said he was keen to sit down with the perpetrators to discuss their crime. How nice and forgiving Christians are. Here’s a nice photo of a rather famous supposed ‘Christian’ grovelling before people who, I believe, aren’t Christians:

No wonder, the invading Third-World hordes despise us!

Anyway, while Crehan didn’t do any damage at all to the mosque, he was sent to prison where he mysteriously died. But Muhammed Mughal, who did badly damage a church and probably wrote some rather hateful graffiti on the church walls, risks nothing worse than having to sit down and have a nice chat over tea and biscuits with the vicar.

Hey, maybe vicar Rev Jonathan Pritchard will even kiss Muhammed Mughal’s feet?

It truly is one law for us and no laws for them.

We’re going to f**k you in the a**

And here’s a nice video of two gentlemen threatening to do rather unpleasant things to anyone who dares leave their fantastical religion.

This week, some idiot reported Nigel Farage for ‘incitement to violence’ for saying that if he ever got into power he would ‘take a knife’ to British bureaucrats. Even our useless police could see that such a complaint was absurd.

But will our police be prosecuting these two men in the  video for making real threats of violence?

Not a hope. Remember it’s one law for us and no laws for them:

2 comments to Desecrating churches is OK. Desecrating a mosque gets you a death sentence

  • William Boreham

    I saw it reported last moth that: the fastest growing UK terrorist threat is from the far right. “Police have vowed to thwart the rise of the far right, which they have said is the fastest-growing terrorist threat in the UK, as they try to stop race hate ideologues from bringing violence to the country’s streets.” This came from our new counter-terrorism chief, a certain Neil Basu – who is of Indian origin! As usual, he claimed to have experienced ‘racism’ as a child and was apparently fast tracked for promotion through the ranks, due to ‘lack of diversity’ in the Met. The reality in this country is, that because of the lack of a genuine far-right political movement, (unlike in most other European counties) the English people face ethnic genocide.

  • Stillreading

    Revealing to learn this morning that Indarjit Singh (Lord Singh), who frequently speaks on the BBC’s R4 Thought for Today, is resigning from the programme. He can no longer tolerate the fact that his script is scrutinised word by word in advance and he is increasingly required to make changes to anything which may offend the Muslim population.

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