May 2024

David Cameron calls other people “liars”. Pot/kettle anyone?

(Monday blog)

Dave’s got a £800,000 book to sell

You can’t have missed it. David Cameron has got a book to sell. Moreover Cameron’s publishers, Collins, are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. News Corp also owns the Times and Sunday Times. Hence both papers have been full of “Dave says this” and “Dave says that” articles.

Collins gave Dave ‘Honest’ Cameron a £800,000 advance for his book. So Murdoch’s companies will be desperate to puff the book as much as possible to suckers and cretins as they’ll probably need to sell more than a hundred thousand copies at the supposed ‘recommended retail price’ of £25 each (£14.99 on Amazon) to get their money back. Hence there have been screaming headlines in Murdoch’s Times and Sunday Times as Murdoch’s lackeys and sycophants try to make Dave’s 752-page book look really controversial and exciting. In fact, even though Dave’s book, For the Record, hasn’t been published yet, a Times supposed ‘journalist’ is already heaping praise on Call-Me-Dave’s brilliance: ‘I praise For the Record with genuine enthusiasm. It is tastily candid about his colleagues … but also about his own mistakes’ Andrew Billen, The Times

As for multi-millionaire Dave’s £800,000 advance – that’s over £1,000 a page for his self-absolving drivel. Nice work if you can get it!

Dave calls other people “liars”

I haven’t read Dave’s fantastically wonderful £800,000 book. After all, despite the positive reviews on Amazon, it hasn’t actually been published yet. And I’ve no intention of ever reading it.

But from what I’ve gathered, honest man-of-the-people Dave ‘Honest’ Cameron has called some Leave politicians “liars”. So let’s briefly remember some things honest Davey Cameron said. Here are some firm commitments honest Dave made at the time of the 2016 Leave/Remain referendum when he was trying to frighten us into voting Remain:

“At that moment you will hold this country’s destiny in your hands. This is a huge decision for our country – perhaps the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And it will be the final decision. So, to those who suggest that a decision in the referendum to Leave would merely produce another stronger negotiation and then a second referendum in which Britain could stay. I say, think again.

“The renegotiation is happening right now. And the referendum that follows will be a once in a generation choice: an In or Out referendum. When the British people speak, their voice will be respected – not ignored. If we vote to Leave, then we will Leave. There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.”

You couldn’t be clearer than that, could you?

And let’s remember the absolute commitment made to us by Dave and his government:

But now, when asked whether there should be a second referendum, honest Dave seems to have ‘forgotten’ his previous promises and has said: “I don’t think you can rule it out because we’re stuck.”

David Cameron is a firm Remainer. Remember the £9 million of our money he spent sending pro-Remain propaganda to every home in Britain trying to convince us to stay in his beloved EU?

And remember Dave’s Project Fear?

All lies, of course, cooked up by Dave’s Remainer chums in the media.

And now Dave seems intent on doing everything he can to sabotage Boris Johnson’s and Michael Gove’s attempts to get us out of the EU.

Dave calling other people liars? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

A Cameron joke?

I guess you’ve all heard the joke about how the spineless, waste-of-skin Cameron walked away from the mess he caused with his botched supposed ‘negotiation with the EU and subsequent referendum:

Cameron is driving down the M1 and suddenly slams on the brakes, causing a massive multi-car pile-up behind him. As he drives away he looks in the rear view mirror and says “phew I’m glad I’m Not involved in that …”

And for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s my YouTube video – The Brexit Song:

4 comments to David Cameron calls other people “liars”. Pot/kettle anyone?

  • A Thorpe

    More importantly this shows the utter contempt MPs have for the electorate. It doesn’t matter what their background is, they all have one objective – to have power and control over us. They let us criticise them until the day the socialist totalitarian state arrives and then they will remember.

  • William Boreham

    I recall part of that clown’s acceptance speech in 2005 when he got elected as Tory Party leader: “the greatest threat this country faces is that of global warming” – I wish. I see this coming winter is forecast to be one of the worst in decades. That means that with this country’s crazy energy policy to save the world from ‘climate change’ that thousands of our old, poor and vulnerable will die this coming winter, due to lack of access to a dependable, inexpensive supply of energy; cold weather killing 20 times more people than hot.

  • A Thorpe

    William, I am sure that the Green and Liberal parties will be celebrating the attack on the Saudi oil refinery. They will use global output down by 5% and prices up by 20% to claim it is more evidence to close it all down and move to the “reliable and cheap” renewable energy sources. They are more concerned about deaths from higher temperatures and don’t want to know about the statistics that show there are significantly more deaths from cold weather.

  • Philip

    Apart from his family and a few Eton Nobs,who really is going to buy this book? I’ll let you know if I come across someone. Don’t wait up.

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