April 2024

Did you think the kitchen staff all had Phds in micro-biology?

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Not accepting responsibility? Ever?

The recent deaths of two teenagers from extreme food allergies are truly tragic. But I do worry about the attitudes of the parents and the bleating, moaning mainstream media.

In the case of the girl who died on a plane after eating a sandwich bought at an airport – if the family knew she had life-threatening allergies, why couldn’t the parents have made her an allergen-free sandwich at home to take with her?

As for the teenage boy who died after eating a Byron chicken burger – wtf were the family thinking when taking him to celebrate his birthday at a burger restaurant?

Kitchen workers are probably some of the lowest-paid in Britain. Many will be foreigners from countries where hygiene standards are not quite what you would find in Britain. Did the parents of these two teenagers think that all kitchen staff have Phds in microbiology? Did it not occur to them that a busy kitchen or a sandwich production line doesn’t quite have the same cleanliness as a hospital microbiology lab and that there will always be a high risk of cross-contamination?

I’m sure it must be desperately difficult to have a child with a life-threatening allergy. But can these parents really not accept any responsibility for their children’s deaths?

Hey BBC – who are “certain communities”?

I’ve just come across a BBC article about the NHS opening a string of clinics across England to help victims of FGM. In the article, the BBC explains  “The illegal practice of FGM is carried out for cultural and religious reasons in certain communities. It involves the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”

Pandering as usual to the Religion of Peace, the BBC informs us that FGM is practised  “in certain communities“. But the cowards at the BBC don’t dare tell us which communities.

As for the NHS FGM clinics, these will only treat girls over 18 years old. Why? Because there is a legal duty on NHS staff to report any cases of FGM on girls under 18 to the police so the parents can be prosecuted. By restricting treatment to girls over 18 years old, the NHS avoids any responsibility for helping to stamp out this repulsive, primitive practice.

The BBC and the NHS – cowards, cowards, cowards.

From knives to machetes

In the last couple of days there have been a few more knife murders in our capital city Sadiq-Khanistan. But there has been a gradual change in the murder weapons used. Machetes have started to be used instead of knives. There have been a few mainstream media articles in which journalists have written about victims being “stabbed” by a machete. But you don’t get “stabbed” by a machete. You get slashed resulting in massive wounds. This just one of the least serious examples I dare show:

There is a website –  I won’t tell you the name – which shows videos of appalling road accidents and murders. Some of the most frequently-posted videos are South American narco gangs killing members of other gangs. It’s quite common for them to use machetes and to hack off victims’ feet, hands, legs and arms while the victim is still very much alive and screaming in agony. Then, if the victim is lucky, he or she will get a few bullets through the head. If he or she is less lucky, the killers may slice them open ripping out their guts or their heart while laughing and joking at the victims’ agonies.

I suspect that with unlimited Third-World immigration this is what we’ll soon be seeing in our very own Sadiq-Khanistan.

Britain has never had it so good

We were warned by the elites that it would be catastrophic for the UK economy if we didn’t join the Euro. That was a great big lie

We were warned by the elites that it would be catastrophic for the UK economy if we voted to leave the EU. That was a great big lie

And now we’re being warned by the elites that it would be catastrophic for the UK economy if we leave the EU without a deal. Once again, that’s a great big lie.

And here, to cheer us up, is Jacob Rees Mogg showing that the UK economy has never been healthier. Enjoy:

2 comments to Did you think the kitchen staff all had Phds in micro-biology?

  • A Thorpe

    I saw part of a news item on the allergy deaths. One woman was complaining that verbal instructions should not be allowed. How food orders would be placed and how it would work she didn’t say. Another was talking about the need to eliminate human errors. That will be a remarkable achievement. People seem to think there is a perfect world that we have to find, but then the other items today show that is unlikely.

  • William Boreham

    Funny, I thought that at the time. If I had a daughter with so many obvious extreme allergies, apparently tests when she was 9 months old showed her allergic to tree nuts, dairy, tomatoes and eggs, and aged two she also reacted to sesame seeds in a breadstick – never in a million years would I have allowed her to eat an airport sandwich. Yet, as usual, they blame someone else, even the coroner saying it wasn’t a failure of parenting.

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