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Multi-cultural enrichment in America’s “Little Mogadishu” (Minneapolis)

(Friday blog)

I’ve written before about how Minneapolis has been so multi-culturally enriched by the arrival of highly-educated doctors, scientists and engineers from Somalia and Ethiopia that it has been given the nick-name “Little Mogadishu”.

Today, here’s a short (2 minutes) video of some of these highly-educated doctors, scientists and engineers from Somalia and Ethiopia ‘borrowing’ a mobile phone from a young white man.

As part of this ‘borrowing’ they hit him, kick him, jump on him and even ride a bike over him.

(Though the white guy must have been pretty stupid to take out his phone and start using it. If you see a group of our vibrant friends gathering near you, you should get the hell out of there ASAP)

Thank you, Barack Obama for bringing these wonderful, vibrant, hard-working people to America!

Thank you, Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel for bringing these wonderful, vibrant, hard-working people to Europe!

3 comments to Multi-cultural enrichment in America’s “Little Mogadishu” (Minneapolis)

  • William Boreham

    That white bloke is a tough SoB to be able to absorb that sort of battering. Are they all Somali? Little difference between them and the native ***** population I suppose, the last thing the USA need is yet more African immigrants. I read somewhere an article about what the USA would have been like today had they not imported African slaves. About a million times better off it would seem. Some years back a British journalist living in America, John Derbyshire, wrote a column in Taki magazine in the form of “advice” to his teenage children on how to stay safe when around African Americans. Among other things he says they should “stay out of heavily ***** neighbourhoods” and “not attend events likely to draw a lot of *****”. “If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with *****,” Derbyshire wrote. “If you are at some public event at which the number of ***** suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.” He also says not to live in an area run by African American politicians and to scrutinise ***** politicians more closely than ***** ones. Derbyshire went on to write that “the mean intelligence of ****** is much lower than for ******”. He says that many ***** people only have “cognitively demanding jobs” because of affirmative action. Naturally there was uproar in the USA about someone actually writing the truth and he was sacked from his job on the supposedly right wing National Review.

  • Mark

    Shocking but not surprising. Could you imagine if the boot were on the other foot so to speak? The howls of racist would be heard from across the pond.
    Did we ever find out who attacked those lesbians on the bus? It was just 4 teens arrested then the story went dead so I’m guessing it’s an enricher.

  • dave h

    Absolute bloody barbarians, like a pack of hyenas, there’s nothing low enough i can think of to describe these pieces of filth.

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