July 2024

Why must the Queen go on and on? Useless, selfish, self-absorbed, whining Charles

Most of us probably admire the Queen for her sense of duty and the way she has served Britain for so long. Would she like to retire and hand over to someone younger? I don’t know. But I do know, that for her, retirement is virtually impossible. Why? Because were the useless, whinging, self-absorbed, intellectually-challenged Charles to become king, this could destroy the monarchy. Why? Because most people despise Charles for what he is – a self-absorbed, pompous, arrogant, selfish fool. For a start, Australia and Canada would become republics. They’d find it pretty difficult to show any respect and deference to such a total a**. And they don’t want useless, waste-of-skin Charles’s stupid face on their coins and notes. Even in Britain, journalists on such staunchly royalist rags as the Telegraph and the Mail would have problems trying to keep a straight face as they were told by their bosses to find something positive to say about ‘King Charles III”.

So let’s have some honesty from the brown-nosing sycophants at Buckingham Palace. Why not tell us the truth? That Charles will never be King and that William will be next on the throne. Not Charles. Not useless Charles. Not self-absorbed, whining, whinging, adulterous fool Charles.

And, talking of self-absorbed fools who don’t deserve our respect and don’t deserve to hold high office – when is the hopeless, shambolic, pompous, arrogant inadequate David Cameron going to put the interests of Britain before his own and resign?

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