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Who would take a holiday in Syria?

(Thursday blog)

Who would take a holiday in Syria?

Would you go for a holiday in Syria at the moment? Probably not given that the civil war is still ongoing and most of the country has been wrecked by the medieval, violent, backward savages who live there:

But lots of people do holiday in Syria. Who are these intrepid travellers? Are they tough middle-class Europeans looking for adventure? Nope. They’re usually Syrian supposed ‘refugees’ who have settled in the West, mostly to live off our over-generous benefits system. But even though they live like royalty in Europe, some of them apparently get a bit homesick now and then.

Here’s a Tweet from one well-known Syrian supposed ‘refugee’ who now lives in Germany.

I’ll translate for you: “Two weeks ago, six Syrians I know went on holiday in Syria to visit their family members and get some rest, especially from Germany. You miss your homeland and it is now commonplace for Syrians to do that!”

“Unfortunately, I was unable to go on holiday to Syria because something very important got in the way, and I hope to catch up very soon during the holidays. Germany is stressful and you need some kind of break,” this particular gentleman, Aras Bacho, then added.

Aras Bacho is in his early 20s and came to Germany in 2010. Although the Syrian Civil War did not officially start until March 15, 2011, Bacho reportedly still calls himself a ‘refugee’.

Like so many of his compatriots and co-religionists, Aras Bacho appears to be making a significant contribution to diversity and multi-culturalism in Germany. In the past, Bacho tweeted that it was the women’s fault that they got sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne Germany in 2015 when thousands of women were attacked by asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, and other migrants of “Arab or North African appearance.”

In 2018, Bacho was also found guilty of five cases of sexual harassment against female classmates aged 17 to 19.

As early as 2016, German newspapers have been reporting on migrants with recognized refugee status having holidays in countries that they “fled,” such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Because Hartz IV, the welfare system that certain migrants granted refugee status receive, permits 21 days per year of “local absence,” those who have recognized refugee status and have no income or assets simply leave Germany for vacation and continue to receive money from German taxpayers.

The German government did not collect data on information regarding refugees returning to their home country on vacation, but it does admit that “there are such cases.”

How stupid/weak are we?

But let’s not blame the supposed ‘refugees’. In their position, most of us would do the same – move to richer countries claiming to be ‘refugees’ and then live the life of Abdul at the stupid, hard-working, European taxpayers’ expense:

Only an idiot would stay in the violent, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken, corrupt, backward sh*t-holes these people come from if they had a chance to move to the wealthy, affluent, peaceful, relatively crime-free West and live off the efforts of gullible, rapefugee-hugging Western taxpayers:

Of course, we should help genuine refugees. But allowing them to go on holiday to the countries they had supposedly fled while also paying them their benefits while they’re back home on holiday??????

Surely any supposed ‘refugee’ who can take a holiday back in their home country should be banned from returning to Europe? Surely they should immediately lose their refugee status?

But we do nothing because we are weak and brainwashed by the progressive liberal elites. And nobody dares talk about this as they would immediately be attacked by the usual howling mob of mouth-frothing, racism-screaming, virtue-signalling libtards and the progressive mainstream media. And so the supposed ‘refugees’ continue to flood over our non-existent borders and continue to treat us as the weak fools that we are.

I guess this is just another of so many clear indications of how a gutless, liberal, progressive and degenerate Europe is being conquered and (as one reader recently wrote in a comment) is “ill-equipped to fight the relentless onslaught of an implacable foe”.

5 comments to Who would take a holiday in Syria?

  • david brown

    A British guy Aidan James who went to fight against ISIS in Syria was held in Belmarsh prison for over a year on trumped up charges. Remember in the civil war the west was originally seeking the overthrow of Assad. Using false pretext Cameron had wanted to use RAF firepower to bomb Assad which would have aided ISIS.
    Tommy Robinson is currently held in Belmarsh at cat A Prison. One in four of its inmates are Muslim and many are connected to extremist groups. I post readers comments on such as Telegraph its quite probable that the British state put him there in the hope he will be terminated with extreme prejudice .

  • Julia Green

    You say he ‘then added’ but this leads to a Twitter feed all in German.

  • David Craig

    Yes it’s in German as he lives in Germany.

    He wrote “Ich konnte leider nicht nach Syrien in den Urlaub, weil etwas sehr Wichtigeres dazwischen kam, und ich hoffe es sehr bald, irgenwann in den Ferien nachzuholen. Deutschland ist stressig und man braucht auch irgendwie”.

    But I’ve translated it for you as I speak German and French and Danish and Swedish etc etc. So what’s the problem?

  • A Thorpe

    Where is the German Trump?

  • William Boreham

    I found out the indigenous English were committing the equivalent of ethnic suicide way back in the early 70’s when I was canvassing in London’s East End for the National Front. Primed by the media, all I got on the doorsteps was that we were ‘racists’ and ‘fascists.’ I would point out the early intake of Bangladeshi that were beginning to move into that area – were they at ease with the fact that increasing numbers of these obvious aliens to their way of life moving into their part of London? No! So it didn’t matter if we were head-hunting cannibals, we were the ONLY political party who would end all but absolutely essential immigration and sent those already here back to where they came from. Obviously we never had the slightest chance of gaining power, BUT if enough of you vote for us, the government predictably will start panicking and introduce some form of legislation severely curtailing third world immigration into this country. Of course, the idiots mindlessly voted Labour as they’d done for generations and the result is that part of the world now resembles Islamabad these days. Video from 6 years ago, we ‘racists’ in the Front saw the future – the Pearly Kings and Queen blockheads never did.

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