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Chicks with dicks – you’ve gotta love them! Or else!

(Thursday blog)

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the ludicrous woke, libtard idea that there are more than two genders, I’d like to introduce you to Karen Blair. Sorry, I meant Assistant Professor Karen Blair.

Karen Blair is reportedly an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the respected academic institution St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia; an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at another world-renowned centre of learning – Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia – and Chair of the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues (SOGII) Section of the Canadian Psychological Association.

Given that Assistant Professor Karen Blair is Chair of the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Issues (SOGII) Section of the Canadian Psychological Association, you can probably imagine the (IMHO) kind of utter, politically-correct tosh she teaches to her wildly misguided snowflake students.

A study co-authored by this great, world-famous, highly-respected academic apparently found that around 87.5% of respondents would only look for a partner in the cisgender (not trans) community. This seems to have upset Assistant Professor Blair.

This 87.5% of us refusing to consider dating trans people, Assistant Professor Blair suggests, contributes to trans people suffering mental and physical harm:

‘What then, does this mean for trans people’s overall well-being if the majority of people within society won’t even consider them as potential dating partners under hypothetical conditions? A lack of social support could contribute to some of the existing discrepancies in mental and physical well-being within trans communities.’

If a man doesn’t want to have sex with a chick-with-a-dick or a female doesn’t want to have sex with a chick-who-wants-a-dick, Blair theorises that this is because of prejudice and ignorance:

‘…exclusion was likely the result of factors ranging from explicit transprejudice, such as viewing trans persons as unfit, mentally ill, or subhuman, to a lack of understanding or knowledge about what it means to be a transgender man or woman.’

Blair concludes that we will only achieve full equality for transgender people when we all start having sex with them:

  • In other words, it is one thing to make space for trans people within our workplaces, schools, washrooms, and public spaces, but it is another to see them included within our families and most intimate of spaces, our romantic relationships. We won’t be able to say, as a society, that we are accepting of trans citizens until they are also included within our prospective dating pools

So there you are folks – until all you men start banging chicks-with-dicks and all you women have sex with chicks-wanting-dicks, then we will never achieve full inclusivity.

Off you go now. Do your duty for inclusivity!

I wonder how long it will be before every job interview questions applicants on whether they have had sex with a trannie? Then maybe failure to have boom-boomed with a trannie will show that you’re a politically-incorrect transphobic and prevent you from ever getting a job?

(Meanwhile, in sweltering, heatwave Germany, they’ve had to close quite a few swimming pools due to the usual groups of foreign gentlemen sexually harrassing female swimmers and defecating in the water. But that’s a story for another day)

4 comments to Chicks with dicks – you’ve gotta love them! Or else!

  • William Boreham

    A touch of the ‘decline and fall of the West’ in all this sort of mass perversion. I was thinking the other day, what has our modern secular society (believe in nothing) got in its locker to fight against the relentless march of Islam? Love Island? Trans toilets? Viewing our Muslim community, one is baffled by the fact that so many Muslims come to live in the modern West but retain their antiquated customs. I mean, why would any normal person want to wear their impractical and unattractive clothing, practise their outdated ways such as praying 5 times a day and complying with the requirements of Ramadan; on it goes and you all know the rest. But then what has our culture and society got to offer the simple minded these days, seeking certainty in a complex world. Christianity did once, but the Church of England is now a joke, the Catholic faith full of perverts and the Pope, (just when we need another Urban II) turns out to be a whacko. But of course, the main and most serious result of all this madness is that we have now also become a baby-less society and we are baby-lessing ourselves into extinction without any intimidation from Islam to help us on our way.

  • dave h

    In reply to William, the baby lessing is by design, all part of Agenda 21 and New World Order etc etc.
    Take for example child vaccinations, i wonder why it’s now seen as child abuse not to have your child vaccinated …. check with our cousins over the pond and see what’s happening over there, they are way ahead of us.
    I have read accounts of parents being threatened with the removal of their children if they refuse vaccines….. removal to where i wonder, the Clinton foundation maybe ?

  • A Thorpe

    On the plus side there is no need for contraception. Apparently conversations about genitals are not allowed, and no wonder if you see what the have. Try an internet search. They may be very nice people, but as a sexual partner weird does not even begin to describe it. But the medial profession are the main problem. Without them this would not happen.

  • Julia Green

    There’s a HUGE electoral opportunity for the party/parties with the balls (pardon the pun) to make a HOWLING JOKE out of all these idiots.

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