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Why Africa will always be just a “Continent of No Hope” – an “Empire of Dust”

(Monday blog)

Continent of No Hope?

Using simple arithmetic, I worked out how many more Africans are born every minute. Assuming that the population of Africa increases by around 50 million a year, this works out at around 100 more Africans every minute, 6,000 more Africans every hour, 144,000 more Africans every day and, of course, about one million more Africans every week:

I wonder how Africa is going to find food, water, homes, jobs, schools, hospitals etc etc for all these teeming millions?

Or do our rulers think that the only solution to this unsustainable population explosion is to bring millions of Africans to Europe?

Empire of Dust?

Of course, were Africans capable of developing their own countries, they might be able to accommodate their rapidly increasing population. But, sadly, there are few signs of this.

I came across a Belgian documentary film made in 2011 called Empire of Dust. It follows a Chinese Chinese road engineer Lao Yang and his African translator Eddy. They both work for a company called CREC (Chinese Railway Engineering Company). The engineers have just set up camp near the remote mining town of Kolwezi in the Katanga province of the RDC. The goal of the company is to redo the road – covering 300km – that connects Kolwezi with the capital of the province Lubumbashi. Lao Yang is head of logistics of the group.

The film exposes the complete inability of the Africans to do any constructive work. In the brief trailer below, the Chinese engineer expresses incredulity at the stupidity and backwardness of all the Africans he has to deal with and he asks Eddy how it was possible to have been colonised by White Europeans and to have learnt absolutely nothing from them. Moreover, the Chinese engineer cannot understand how the Africans have allowed all the infrastructure – roads, railways etc – built by the colonisers to rot away. And he criticises Africans for going backwards since the colonisers left.

I, of course, being a brain-dead, virtue-signalling, hug-a-rapefugee, woke libtard believe that it’s all Whitey’s fault that all African countries are poverty-stricken, utter sh*t-holes. However, the many people I have spoken to, who have actually worked in Africa, say the situation is hopeless – that Africans are incapable of getting organised, incapable of building anything worthwhile, incapable of maintaining even the simplest equipment, incapable of progressing.

Anyway, here’s Leo Yang asking Eddy why Africans are so totally useless:

7 comments to Why Africa will always be just a “Continent of No Hope” – an “Empire of Dust”

  • Stillreading

    An acquaintance, a woman who had headed a primary school in Africa for several years, told me that as far as she had observed nothing the West provided ever made any long-term difference to Africa and African attitudes. In her words, we provided decent roads, cars and motor cycles to facilitate mobility and thus employment and education. The vehicles were gleefully accepted, used to death, never maintained, then casually discarded at the roadside when they’d given their last gasp. Their users then reverted to Shank’s Pony. Within a very short time the vigorous plant growth pushed up and destroyed the tarmac. The only thing which will aid African advancement is birth control. Limit the numbers born, thus facilitating education, and after several generations there just might be hope for the continent. But of course the West is not supposed to say this – it’s non-PC! (I believe the Duke of Edinburgh said it a few years ago though!)

  • A Thorpe

    It seems to me that African society is strongly tribal and they cannot work together. The slave trade worked because Africans were rounding up the slaves and I assume that was a tribal issue. There is still slavery. After independence socialism and corruption took over. The result is that there is no foreign investment in the country, except for China. China is investing in raw materials. It will strip Africa and still have its own making the rest of us dependent on China.

  • William Boreham

    “That Africans are incapable of getting organised, incapable of building anything worthwhile, incapable of maintaining even the simplest equipment, incapable of progressing.” Oddly enough I was chatting to a chap on leave from working on a contract in Tanzania in the gym yesterday and he was saying much the same about the local natives. I sailed on the West African coast way back when they were gaining ‘independence’ and it was soon obvious dealing with them that they considered virtues like honesty and integrity as weaknesses to be exploited and the dishonest crook, the con-man the most admired. I’ve downloaded that video, (a great find) and just on a quick casual perusal, it’s obvious the we British were a far more effective colonialists when dealing with these savages and building a modern infrastructure than the Chinese who are struggling to rebuild. I recall the great Albert Schweitzer, who understood the African more than any European, when asked about independence, laughed and said, “But they are just children!”

  • Stillreading

    Thanks, Thorpe, for the reminder about slavery. Something all the Libtard apologists would prefer we forget is that the slave trade (abhorrent as it without doubt was) could not have been carried out had not the Africans very happily captured and sold into slavery their own kind. As commented, it was presumably tribal. I knew a white South African woman many years ago, a very wise, well-informed, compassionate soul, born and raised in what is now Zimbabwe but she married an English man just after the War and came here to live. She truly loved the African natives and knew their tribal customs. She had been welcomed as a blood sister by one such tribe and, swallowing her revulsion, had drunk fresh blood mixed with milk to consolidate their mutual acceptance. As she explained to me, almost all the Colonial and post-Colonial problems arose because when the African States with which we are all familiar (N. & S. Rhodesia as were, etc. etc.) were created by Europeans, the boundaries crossed traditional tribal lines, thus exacerbating existing conflicts and leading to appalling war practices, too vile to describe here and worse than almost anything we have heard of being done by ISIS. I don’t know any more than anyone else seems to what can be done to drag Africa into the 21st century. Basically, they are still stuck in the Middle Ages. But whatever we do, just pouring in food and medical aid, this facilitating the escalating birth and neonatal survival rates, is doing the continent no favours.

  • loppoman

    The current climate change hysteria is a distraction.
    As other here have said, the biggest danger to the planet are:
    1. Out-of-control birth rates in Africa and Mid/Far East.
    2. Plastics in the oceans.
    Both of the above are facts.

  • Stillreading

    Very true loppoman. The oceanic pollution with plastics is a disaster. I could stroll along my local beach and fill a black (plastic!) sack in 15 minutes, just with what’s been washed up by the tide. However, it has nothing to do with so-called “climate change”. (The heat wave was short-lived, wasn’t it? What’s the betting we’ll all be freezing – again attributable to the above myth -six months from now?)

  • Bertie B

    That chinaman had a cheek, the chinese were forcefully occupied by western countries in the 19th century and chinese culture was way more primitive in those days but still they rejected what Europeans had to offer. They just bury their heads in the sand and resent technology because they are inward looking by nature.

    Even today if you travel around china the countryside is rundown with poor roads and shabby buildings plus there is little maintenance of equipment they use vehicles till the engines give out becos’ of lack of servicing and discard it and buy another shitty chinese car. There was no western tech in china before 1980 and most tech is copied/stolen. They have bullet trains operating along side steam trains which make up most of the rolling stock. China’s all show and no go. most of it’s a backward shithole.

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