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Ramadanadingdong is over – but the murders still continue

(Monday blog)

In my blog of 6 June 2019, I wrote about how disappointing Ramadanadingdong 2019 had been compared to some previous years. In the 2019 Ramadanadingdong murder-mania only around 821 innocents were killed (27 every day). This was similar to Ramadanadingdong 2018 when 854 innocents were murdered (28 a day) but well down on 2017 when 1,595 innocents (53 a day) were slaughtered in the name of religion. However, even 2017’s slightly more impressive score was pitiful compared to 2016 when 1,850 innocents (62 a day) were sent to Paradise or wherever and even more pitiful compared to 2015 when a much more impressive 2,988 innocents (about 100 a day) were shot, blown up, beheaded or burnt alive for the glory of some God or other.

Anyway, it seems like the lads have realised that their Ramadanadingdong 2018 and 2019 scores were embarrassingly low and have been making a bit more effort recently. Just last week, for example, the lads managed 229 dead (33 a day) which is a little bit more respectable than both Ramadanadingdong murder-mania 2018 and 2019.

Our congratulations should mention the team in Mali who slaughtered no fewer than 95 innocents (most were burnt alive) which helped enormously in improving last week’s score. Well done the Mali team!

Let’s hope the lads do even better this week:

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2019.06.16 Syria Kafr Naseh 1 0 A civilian is aerated by Sunni shrapnel.
2019.06.15 Thailand Narathiwat 2 0 An elderly Buddhist couple are shot to death while walking home from their work at a restaurant.
2019.06.15 Somalia Mogadishu 11 25 A suicide car bomber sends eleven bystanders to Allah.
2019.06.15 Kenya Konton 12 1 al-Shabaab militants murder a dozen border guards with an IED and subsequent shooting.
2019.06.14 Afghanistan Shah Walikot 1 5 Fundamentalists attach a bomb to a police vehicle, killing one occupant.
2019.06.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 11 13 At least one child is among eleven innocents exterminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2019.06.12 Iraq Bashik 1 0 A farmer loses his life after Islamic State activists set fire to his field.
2019.06.12 Nigeria Kareto 20 0 A local Islamist group claims an attack that killed twenty local security personnel.
2019.06.12 Syria Tafas 1 0 Mujahideen gunmen pick off a civilian.
2019.06.12 India Anantnag 5 3 Five local cops are ambushed and killed in a suicide attack by Al-Umar Mujahideen.
2019.06.12 Saudi Arabia Abha 0 26 Women and children are among the casualties when Ansar Allah sends a rocket into an airport at a resort.
2019.06.12 Pakistan Manzerkhel Berzai 1 2 Muslim radicals kill one person with a roadside bomb.
2019.06.12 Afghanistan Kala Tak 1 0 A moderate cleric is silenced by an armed rival outside his mosque.
2019.06.12 Iraq Shirqat 1 0 ISIS gunmen take down a civilan from a passing car.
2019.06.11 Afghanistan Dand 6 0 A family of six is put down hard by Taliban bombers.
2019.06.11 Yemen Abyan 3 4 An al-Qaeda cell is suspected of a bomb blast that leaves three dead.
2019.06.10 Cameroon Kolfata 2 0 Two civilians are murdered by Boko Haram.
2019.06.10 Burkina Faso Namentenga 10 0 Ten innocents are murdered in their village by Islamic extremists.
2019.06.10 Syria Jalin 1 0 Terrorist shoot a civlian to death.
2019.06.10 Cameroon Darak 26 0 Two-dozen souls are lost to a Boko Haram attack on a small village.
2019.06.10 Mali Sobame Da 95 0 A Fulani group, linked to Islamists, slaughters and burns nearly one-hundred farmers and their families, including twenty-four children.
2019.06.10 Iraq Abu Saida 1 0 Roadside bombers take out a passing civilian.
2019.06.10 Sudan Deleij 17 15 Janjaweed fire into a camp market, killing seventeen refugees

3 comments to Ramadanadingdong is over – but the murders still continue

  • William Boreham

    I see already, more boat migrants have been intercepted in the English Channel in the first six months of 2019 than in the whole of last year. It’s a win, win situation for illegal migrants, I see that: ‘criminal people-traffickers are telling would-be illegal migrants they are almost guaranteed residency in Britain because authorities never send people back, an investigation has revealed.’ An Afghan man called Anam, who bragged about having helped 300 third world migrants break into Britain, told undercover reporters he could set up a speedboat crossing from mainland Europe to Great Britain for just £6,000 per person or, for the lower cost of £2,500 a head, organise a trip in a three-person dinghy. “Really, you just cross the water. Then if police catch you, no problem, they never send you back,” boasted Anam, who was introduced to journalists through two Afghans who had promised them the 28-year-old fixer “will get your man to England”. Given Hitler’s racial viewpoint, the English race could have easily survived occupation by Hitler’s armed forces. It can never recover from the now unavoidable coming nightmare of an Islamic England.

  • leila

    I wonder how long we, the citizens, will tolerate our treasonous government. An Huzbullah bomb making factory in NW London holding no less than 3 tons of ammonium nitrate was discovered around the time of Obumma’s Iran deal It was covered up by Camoron and may as Home Secretary, presumably to allow the pallets of cash to be flown into Teheran and the deal which was never signed to be enacted. Long may Trump prevail- he seems the West’s only hope.

  • A Thorpe

    Can we send Sadiq Khan over to sort them out?

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