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Two subjects today – the Met Office and the 400+ million who live to hate

(Friday blog)

The useless Met Office

The Met Office are very proud of their £97m shiny new computer. Apparently it’s the world’s largest computer dedicated to predicting the weather. So, what did the Met Office with their great big expensive computer predict for April/May/June this year?

What does the current outlook for April-May-June 2019 say?

The current outlook explains that ‘For both April and April-May-June, long-range prediction systems show small, but consistent signals, of an increase in the likelihood of high pressure. At this time of year, high pressure is usually associated with warmer-than-average weather. This, along with the tendency for higher UK temperatures seen in the last 10 years, leads to an increased chance of warmer-than-average conditions.

In fact, as I reported about a week ago, twelve eco-loony organisations were so worried by the recent dry-ish winter and the Met Office’s long-range forecast of above average temperatures that they wrote to the head of the Environment Agency demanding an immediate hosepipe ban otherwise we would face a water shortage catastrophe.

Within about 5 minutes of this stupid letter reaching the Environment Agency, it rained and rained and rained. Some places have now had 2 to 3 months’ rain in just 2 to 3 days.

I’m no weather expert (unlike the geniuses at the Met Office) but I suspect there won’t be any need for a hosepipe ban. As I’ve written before, I doubt the Met Office could even forecast the date of Christmas, never mind what the weather will be like in 2 to 3 months.

Hate, hate, hate

I don’t think we in the West quite appreciate the way clerics from our most peacefullest religion indoctrinate their co-religionists with hate. So, I’ve included below a short video of part of a sermon given in an Iranian mosque. I suspect this sermon is typical of the hate-filled garbage that is preached every week to the 422,000,000 people living in Arab countries in addition to the 44,000,000 religion of peacefulness followers in Europe.

These preachers and progressive lefty idiots in Europe and the USA would have us believe that the reason 99.99% of Arabs live in squalor, poverty, ignorance and backwardness is due to what they call “the cancer of the Zionist State”. Israel is the little bit of red on the map below:

Here are just a few figures which might help debunk the accusations against tiny Israel. The country of Israel occupies a mere 22,000 km2. The Arab countries occupy 13,000,000 km2. The population of the Arab countries is around 422,000,000 and growing by the day. The population of Israel is just 8,700,000 of which only about 5,000,000 are Jews.

Yet Religion of Fabulousness clerics and Western lefty libtards would have us believe that all the Arab world’s problems stem from the existence of tiny, vulnerable Israel!

9 comments to Two subjects today – the Met Office and the 400+ million who live to hate

  • Julia Green

    Spot on as always David.

  • Stillreading

    I agree Julia. And which religion do the obscenely rich oil-producing countries follow? Oh yes – THAT one! How about for a start the wealthiest in those countries redistribute to the poorest of their own people a bit of what they’ve accrued from oil sales to the West? I and anyone I speak to about such matters are sick and tired of the Judaeo-Christian nations being routinely expected to take responsibility for the moral and physical ills of the rest of the world, whilst being afraid publicly to voice opinions on their backward and bigoted beliefs for fear of ongoing repercussions. Just look at the repeated resurrection by the leftie media of Boris Johnson’s comment on the burkha.

  • A Thorpe

    I think you don’t realise the danger we are in. Even with the new computer the Met Office cannot predict the weather. It shows the scale of the crisis. We might only have weeks left to save the planet.

  • loppoman

    As the saying goes – don’t buy any long-playing records!

  • William Boreham

    It’s not four hundred million Arabs against five million Jews, it’s four hundred million Arabs against five million Jews protected by the biggest big brother in history, the USA. And we all know why that situation has come to pass.

  • Juliet 46

    @ William Boreham

    “we all know why that situation has come to pass.”

    Actually, William, I don’t. Would you care to explain?

  • chris

    I am no expert on weather but I do know that sun spot cycle 24 is ending now and the sun’s energy output is at a 10 year low and one of the weakest on record. Cycle 25 is predicted to be at least as weak and perhaps followed by a weaker cycle 26. Across the US and southern Europe crop planting has been delayed. Wet cold conditions in US and late frosts in southern Europe. Surely the Met Office computer is fed with this info.

  • Stillreading

    The first reliable account of appalling European climate conditions is recorded to have occurred in Europe around 13l5 (sorry can’t remember precise year) when a succession of cold, wet summers had so adversely affected crop/food production and, consequently, so depleted the health of the European population, that the first outbreak of bubonic plague, aka the Black Death, was able to take the devastating cull it did. Later we had the Maunder and Dalton Minimums, both periods lasting some years of unusual cold, when the Thames was routinely frozen and used for recreational skating. Conversely, the Edwardian era (1901 – 1911 approx.) is acknowledged to have enjoyed unusually warm, benign summers. Going back 2 thousand years, the Romans successfully grew grapes in England and Icelanders colonized Greenland and farmed successfully. Then the weather became colder and they had to leave. Most of these events have been conclusively linked to sunspot activity, or absence thereof. I well recall the excessively hot summers of 1975 and 1976 and I also have vivid memories of the excruciating cold of 1947 (first winter my father was home after the War, coal rationing, no central heating, put your coat on the bed to stay warm at night!) and that of 1963, when underground water supply pipes froze. It’s called weather! Yes, the Met office does its best and is unquestionably of immense use to shipping. On a daily basis I find the inshore shipping forecast for my coastal region reliably accurate. Further ahead than a few days, though, and you might as well hold a wet finger up and feel from which direction the wind is coming, dinghy-sailor fashion!

  • Paul Burke

    I blame the demise of the good old British “Be Prepared” principle which dictates: Take an umbrella in case it rains. Oh!and don’t forget your warm pully in case it gets chilly. And if it does turn out nice you can always discretely take your vest off. They couldn’t predict the weather too well but they knew how to save a few million quid in those days.

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