July 2024

Amnesty International? Don’t waste your money!

(Monday blog)

Amnesty International forgets its original purpose

Amnesty International used to be one of the world’s most respected campaigning groups.

Amnesty International is a London-based non-governmental organisation formed to focus on human rights, in particular the rights of people imprisoned for their political or religious beliefs. Over the decades, Amnesty International has been hugely influential in drawing the world’s attention to prisoners like Nelson Mandela and many thousands of other deserving cases.

But like almost all such organisations, Amnesty International got a serious case of lefty, anti-West, anti-Israel scope creep. In addition to campaigning for prisoners of conscience, Amnesty got involved in campaigning for things like “economic, social and cultural rights” and access to abortion for women. Also, Amnesty became increasingly anti-Western trying to prosecute US President George W Bush for war crimes and, of course, like all lefty organisations, Amnesty became enthusiastically pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. One speaker at an Amnesty International event stated that he would “dance with delight if Iran attacked Israel” while a senior Amnesty International boss called democratic Israel a “scum state”.

Is Amnesty becoming a new bunch of Warmie idiots?

The Guardian newspaper has just reported that Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty’s recently appointed secretary general (August 2018) and a former head of Greenpeace International, will make the climate crisis and economic rights by eliminating poverty a central focus of the organisation’s work.

Let’s hold on here for a minute. Amnesty International was set up specifically to draw attention to human rights abuses of prisoners of conscience. And millions of people have donated to Amnesty for that the purpose. So, wtf are Amnesty bosses doing spending their time and donors’ money on the supposed “climate crisis”? Aren’t there enough fake charities and other lefty, anti-Western organisations like Greenpeace and the laughable Extinction Rebellion blethering on about the non-existent climate crisis?

As for campaigning for economic rights through the elimination of poverty, here are the mission statements of a few other lefty, anti-Western, virtue-signalling, self-serving supposed charities who are always demanding ever more of our money:

Wasting your money?

As Amnesty moves away from its original purpose, it seems that top management have embarked on a massive spending spree – on themselves.

Amnesty has just announced that it expected to make 93 “painful and difficult” redundancies. Last week, it emerged that five members of the charity’s senior leadership team, all of whom offered their resignations following a damning review, will be made redundant by October.

In April, the Guardian reported scores of jobs would go after management admitted to a hole in its budget of up to £17m to the end of 2020.

Unite, the UK’s biggest trade union, said the redundancies were a direct result of “overspending by the organisation’s senior leadership team” and have occurred “despite an increase in income”


The Amnesty International you may once have supported no longer exists. Instead, Amnesty has become just another bunch of self-serving, supposedly ‘progressive’, virtue-signalling, anti-Western, anti-Israel, eco-loons with their high salaries, jet-setting lifestyles collecting airmiles and staying in luxury hotels and with a never-satisfied hunger for your money.

Don’t waste your money.

Don’t ever donate to Amnesty International again!

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  • A Thorpe

    There is common theme with all these “international” organisations and that is they are all using fear as a means to promote a world government, in other words a socialist dictatorship. It also concerns me that many of our politicians are talking about “one nation” and this can only exist if there is a one party government.

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