July 2024

Peterborough – was it postal votes fraud wot won it for Labour?

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Peterborough by-election fraud?

(I wrote this blog early Saturday morning. I see today that the Mail on Sunday has now picked it up)

I’ve been trying to assemble some facts to better understand the Peterborough by-election ‘results’.

Fact 1 – Turnout was 48.4%, down from 67.5% in the 2017 general election

Fact 2 – Turnout amongst postal voters was 69.4%. That is an incredibly high turnout

Fact 3 – The amount who apply for a postal vote is usually around 15%-18%… so 69% of the 15%-18%.  So probably around 12% of total votes are postal

Fact 4 – In total 33,920 votes were cast. So the postal vote was probably around 4,070 (I haven’t been able to find the exact figure)

Fact 5 – Labour politician Lisa Forbes narrowly won the Peterborough by-election as she beat the Brexit Party’s candidate Mike Greene by 683 votes

Fact 6 – It was reported that in 2018, Tariq Mahmood, now 51, was convicted alongside fellow Labour members Maqbool Hussein and former Peterborough Mayor Mohammed Choudhary for forgery over a devious scheme to fabricate votes for the Peterborough City Council election of June 2004. “They were able to get hold of postal votes and proxy votes which belonged to voters in the Central Ward,” Prosecuting QC Anthony Leonard said. “They arranged for postal votes and ballot papers to be sent not to the voter but to addresses which each defendant was connected”.

The four-month case that saw Mahmood (a Labour Party Secretary) sentenced to a 15-month porridge stint cost the taxpayer a whopping £850,000. Labour Councillor Ed Murphy was also reported to have boasted on the night of the count: “We’d signed up over 500 Eastern Europeans for postal votes within weeks of the election being called”. I believe that Mahmood is still working for Labour and had a visible presence on the by-election night.

Fact 7 – In 2004 a massive postal vote fraud was the biggest scandal in Birmingham political history and led to the city being compared by Judge Richard Mawrey to a ‘banana republic’. In that case, he found there had been a Birmingham-wide campaign by parts of the local Labour Party to use bogus postal votes to counter the adverse impact of the Iraq war on the party’s support

Fact 8 – Here’s the religious split of Peterborough’s population:

Were our friends from Religion Perfection able to muster a block vote for Labour, that would explain the results in Fact 9.

Fact 9 – The Brexit Party – 26% in the final opinion poll, 28.9% in the actual count. That’s within a credible margin of error for opinion polls. Labour – 20% in the final opinion poll, 30.9% in the actual count. There’s no way that that’s anywhere near a credible margin of error.

Maybe the fraud is staring us in the face?

A true British heroine

In case you haven’t seen this, here’s the short video taken by a wonderful woman who stabbed a hole in the Trump blimp to prevent it being used in the anti-Trump demonstration. The woman is partially disabled (she needs help to walk) and is disgusted by the insulting anti-American stance of the idiotic protestors. You’ll see that the politicised police, who never take any action against progressive, lefty, Extinction Rebellion and other such infantile demonstrators, are pretty quick to arrest this brave, partially-disabled woman for being patriotic and respectful of the office of the President of our closest ally.

13 comments to Peterborough – was it postal votes fraud wot won it for Labour?

  • William Boreham

    I found out donkey’s years ago the average voter in England was as thick as a plank and seeming not interested in the very survival of their own race. I’m surprised, given the postal vote anomalies, that the Brexit party hasn’t called for an investigation into the result.
    On a different note, I see gallant Hungary are sponsoring measures to produce more native Hungarian babies to increase their population, rather then allow million of totally alien migrants to flood their country to make up the decline in childbirth. A lesson all of Europe, including we in the UK should have taken to heart in the first place.

  • twi5ted

    Does seem hard to understand when 70% voted to leave, their MP was a remainer, she went to prison and wore a tag in the house of commons which resulted in the only indicative vote that passed doing so by 1 vote and it was a vote against no deal hence anti-brexit. There was a recall petition and 28% of voters signed it yet given the opportunity they return another labour MP who is equally anti brexit as the last one.

    Whatever the reason, given the outcome, can imagine the powers that be are as quick to move on, nothing to see here, as they are to arrest the woman popping the trump balloon – were the police actually holding the strings to the trump balloon in that video?

  • euge

    Brexit party reported to have got 16,000 votes in the European elections.
    how did they get 6,400 less in the by-election ?

  • Kathleen Barber

    If this is the case then somehow we need to fight this somehow.

  • Ellen mccarty

    I 100% there is something very very fishy about this . It should be investigated ASAP.


    The problem is the Conservative Party will not want this investigated and most of the mainstream news media are pro-EU and will not report on this let alone call for an inestigation.

  • Silvia

    If labour is giving the power to the Muslim community just to make their party stronger and the country weaker. Labour should disappear before it’s too late . Britain most start making new laws to stop the islamisation of britain.

  • Chris Dark

    The whole thing should be investigated, but there’s no, or little, political will to do so. However it also seems a lot of Peterborough folk didn’t go out to vote. All that effort to recall an MP and then people don’t go out to vote…
    I understand the Electoral Commission is passing the buck, as usual. The whole election was a
    disgrace and it means that people in Britain may withdraw further from the electoral process….just what’s needed for handing control to the enemy. Postal voting should be banned for most, and strict controls placed on who can acquire a form.

  • J. Campbell

    There is a government petition:

    Stop Postal Votes except for the elderly and disabled
    Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form. Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, previously said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.
    He said postal voting is open to fraud on a scale that will make election rigging a possibility and indeed in some areas a probability.
    The Electoral Commission has warned that it was concerned about 16 council areas in England, including Birmingham, and has launched a study into concerns that some communities are particularly susceptible to electoral fraud.
    © Crown copyright

    Please locate and sign!

    There are also at least two on

  • Chris Dark

    Government website petition:
    currently at 13k and rising.
    The site has one that seems inaccessible, another is ok though. But both miles behind the one.

  • peter thorpe

    Peterborough launches investigation into postal vote in recent by election.
    Is it time Peterborough got to grips with labour party vote rigging?
    Should the by election results be suspended until the results of the investigations are known?

  • Paul Burke

    I think it would be unjust to suspend the Peterborough by-election result pending the outcome of an investigation into (the suspicion of),vote rigging. Neither do I think it right to term the suspicion as ‘labour party vote rigging’; let’s reserve judgement until all the facts are in!
    If the result of the investigation shows that voting was manipulated unlawfully then it would be right, on the basis of those findings, to negate the previous results and re-run the election.

    However, I strongly believe that there must be a formal study, by an independent commission, into the integrity of the postal voting system. The postal voting system may have worked well enough in the past when electoral majorities were more clearly defined but now when elections are close run and majorities small the possibility of tipping the balance becomes a reality for anyone willing to exploit any weaknesses in the electoral system.

  • mike haville

    It is very suspicious that BBC News have not a whisper on the Peterborough vote rigging, even though Police are now investigating five electoral fraud allegations.
    Surely this is national news in the public interest

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