July 2024

A lovely tradition the BBC probably won’t show you

(Friday blog)

First – the Polishborough by-election

I must admit I am disappointed and confused by the Peterborough (affectionately known as ‘Polishborough’) by-election results.

Two issues about the narrow Labour win baffle me:

  1. If Polishborough’s inhabitants want to live in Venezuela, why don’t they just go there? Why must they try to turn Britain into yet another socialist paradise.
  2. How could anyone with more than a half-functioning brain vote for the lying, useless, worthless, incompetent, treacherous Tories?

I shake my head in amazement at the stupidity of Polishborough’s voters. It looks like Labour will win the next General Election, Great Leader Jeremy Corbyn will lower the voting age to 17 or even 16 and Britain will become a carbon-neutral, Izlumic, snowflake paradise with no borders, no industry, no jobs, no money and no hope.

Anyway, let’s move on to the subject of today’s blog:

Tradition or barbarism?

The progressive, liberal, lefty, West-hating media delight in showing us ignorant, white-supremacist racists scenes from other cultures to show us how rich and varied those cultures are compared with our shallow Western materialism.

But there’s one wonderful tradition I suspect our superiors in the mainstream media won’t be quite so keen to show us. That’s the Eid celebration – the bloody halal slaughter of tens of millions of animals to celebrate the end of Ramadanadingdong. It’s estimated that in Morocco alone over 3 million sheep will be halal slaughtered for Eid. Across the Religion of Fantasticness countries, I imagine the number of animals cruelly slaughtered for Eid must be over 30 million.

Why wouldn’t the BBC and C4 and ITV and any other media channel show us the glorious celebration of Eid?

Because it might provoke outrage at the cruelty and barbarity of our friends from the world’s most progressive and admired religion.

Not only will our media not mention the brutal barbaric slaughter of tens of millions of animals. But we’ll probably also see our rulers grovellingly broadcasting their Eid greetings to our Izlumic friends and neighbours.

Anyway, here’s why the BBC and C4 and ITV won’t be showing us the glorious Eid celebration:

(by the way, this is one of the least vomit-inducing videos I found. There is much worse for anyone who can stomach what some people might view as a sick, barbaric and perverted practice that should be made illegal in any country that makes any claim to be civilised)

9 comments to A lovely tradition the BBC probably won’t show you

  • dave h

    What absolute barbarians…. and to think these pieces of shit live among us !

  • loppoman

    I haven’t got the stomach to watch the video but can imagine what’s in it.
    Barbarians indeed.
    Of course the msm won’t show this. It would be detrimental to the message that we’re all civilized, multiculturalism is wonderful and we all live happily together.

  • A Thorpe

    The most developed economies have been heading towards the socialist paradise for at least 150 years. There is no stopping it. When the socialists realised that revolution was not the answer they started to destabilise civilised society and sold it as equality, human rights with attacks on wealth creation. When politicians and the voters show they have no respect for democracy unacceptable change happen quickly. The Nazis were socialists and when other politicians became weakened Hitler saw his opportunity to establish a socialist dictatorship. We now have a breakdown of democracy in the UK. May was right to blame the MPs for the failure to leave the EU, because most of them and a large part of the electorate did not accept a democratic vote of the people. The future of the UK is completely unpredictable and the job losses we are now seeing make the promise of a socialist paradise even more attractive.

  • William Boreham

    We had Somali ‘greasers’ working in the engine room in a couple of the tramp steamers I sailed in many years ago. They used to slaughter live goats on deck as we watched in disgust.
    Never thought in a million years our traitorous politicians would let millions of their kind settle in this once ‘green and pleasant land.’

  • Sean

    Seems considerably more humane than their slaughter of lady tourists from Scandinavia.

  • Michael walsh

    Absolute barbarians should not be allowed in any civilised country

  • Val

    Even before the humane stunner, we despatched our animals as painlessly as possible. A poleaxe was used to render the animal unconscious before any butchery.

  • Does every Muslim parent show their children this barbaric slaughter for halal meat religious compliance??? I doubt very much ANY parent (regardless of religion) would want to show that HORROR!!!! to their worst enemy nevermind their children.

  • Paul Burke

    In the time this was a ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ we were no doubt doing the same thing! Different strokes for different folks. Are ‘they’ permitted to slaughter animals in our streets? I’ve not heard about it. I’d to detour to say something about this site: I like it, it’s one of the few sites that is accessible yet non-invasive in terms of personal information gathering, that’s a rare thing, but some of the views expressed here do much to jeopardize the platform and the site will end up suppressed by big brother.
    I’m anti-immigration (whatever country of origin) because I’m fed up living in a sardine can, and I’m pro-hard-brexit because I’m sick of big brother. But I recognize that the only way to achieve the society I want to see once more before I die is through reasoned argument. Sure, we all get mad about stuff but the way forward is to stick to relevant facts. For instance: in respect of this animal beheading: Does it go on in Britain? Does it do so legally? If legally; how is this reconciled with the existing laws that clearly prohibit animal mistreatment? If illegally; what is the evidence and why is it not brought to the attention of, say, the RSPCA? See what I mean? We have to work within the laws under which we live and will gain no respect or consideration by fuming over what people do in other countries.

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