July 2024

Paddy O’Plod protects Jew-haters

I wanted to provide you a link to a short video of some Irish gentlemen claiming that the only mistake Hitler made was not killing enough Jews.

But YouTube have, thankfully, taken the video down.

However, I’m sure that if the Irish O’Plods wished to investigate, they could get hold of a copy of the original video, identify the anti-semitic assholes and haul them in for prosecution. But, of course, that won’t happen. And, of course, there’s no mention of these gentlemen’s anti-semitism in any mainstream media

However, had the video shown some people claiming the Christchurch shooter should have murdered more of our friends from the religion of fantabulousness, you can be sure that those involved would have long since been banged up. And you can be sure that the mainstream media would be blaring out the story day after day showing it showed how dangerous supposed right-wing, populist extremists are.

It’s one law for a certain protected group and another law for the rest of us.

5 comments to Paddy O’Plod protects Jew-haters

  • dave hancock

    David my dear chap,

    Your absence has been noted …. I can understand you may well be slightly miffed, or even pissed off at the lack of support you have experienced, but social media is what it is, it’s nothing personal or pointed …. The horizon for people is huge, as you would know.

    If you decide to call it a day, fair play to you, I understand why …..

    There will always be people like myself who enjoy reading you ( books and web )…

    Mind how you go..


  • A Thorpe

    If you are going to give up, at least have a laugh or cry at this

  • leila young

    Mr Craig please return. The situation is desperate No time to disappear!

  • Stillreading

    Without doubt you are read far more widely than it seems you realize and now you are equally missed. As regards your video and the passing on thereof to others, the fact is that your readership tends largely to be of a generation that just isn’t all that interested in that form of communication. We value the written word (mightier not only than the sword, but also than the video!), at which you excel. So please, once you’ve had a break, think about taking up the cudgels again if you can bear to! In the meantime, for any regulars who visit this page and haven’t been aware of this petition, please click on this link and sign:

  • Juliet 46

    Checking in every day! Please return – you are greatly missed

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