July 2024

Theresa May makes Corbyn look like a serious, electable statesman

(Friday blog)

Hurricane Theresa causes massive destruction

Today’s blog will be brief as I’m rendered almost speechless by yet another blunder from our great leader – Theresa May.

She’s incredible. Everything she touches turns to sh*te. Maybe we should call her “Hurricane Theresa” as she destroys everything in her path? Or maybe we should just stick with “Theresa the Traitor” or “Treason May”?

Or just “useless, lying, two-faced, incompetent, deranged harridan”?

There’s no room here to detail all her dishonesty and stupidity. So here are just some key highlights:

  • She was against Brexit from the start
  • She saw her job as damage limitation rather than an opportunity for Britain to break free from the corrupt, sclerotic, undemocratic EU Fourth German Reich
  • She lied when she said at least 106 times “no deal is better than a bad deal”
  • She allowed Remoaner civil servants to bypass two UK Brexit secretaries in order to cook up an arrangement preventing Britain from ever leaving the EU
  • She got stitched up by Barnier and Selmayr and the useless Drunk
  • She got tricked into the Irish backstop which shackled the UK to the EU in perpetuity unless we handed over Gibraltar to Spain and all our fishing grounds to EU countries among any other concessions any of the 27 EU countries wanted to demand as a price for not vetoing the UK leaving the EU at some point in the future
  • She came back with a supposed ‘deal’ that made the UK a powerless vassal state to Germany – Hitler would have been impressed
  • She was humiliated 3 times when she tried to get her totally unacceptable supposed ‘deal’ through parliament
  • etc
  • etc

But now this incompetent, lying, devious, worthless waste of skin we call our Prime Minister has made the blunder to end all blunders – by crawling to the Marxist madman Jeremy Corbyn she has achieved the almost unachievable:

  • she has elevated Corbyn into the status of a serious politician
  • she has handed Corbyn the keys to Number 10
  • she has almost single-handedly destroyed the Conservative Party which now faces annihilation at the next general election
  • and, of course, Diane Abbott will be our next Home Secretary!!!!!!!!

Despair would be too mild a word to describe my feelings today.

Here’s a real politician

So here’s a woman who is a serious politician – it’s the co-leader of the AfD (Alternativ fur Deutschland) telling the German Parliament that they’re a bunch of arshlocher for allowing Brussels to mishandle the negotiations with Britain. Why oh why couldn’t we have had someone like her as our leader?

18 comments to Theresa May makes Corbyn look like a serious, electable statesman

  • loppoman

    Spot on again David.
    The traitors needed a convicted criminal to give their bill a majority of 1.
    Fills you with confidence for the future, doesn’t it?

  • tomsk

    Words literally fail me on the state of the British Government. I can not believe that a nation that stood up to the 3rd Reich alone at first is now bowing to the 4th Reich in the making and not because of the Wermacht. Luftwaffe, Waffen SS but because we have bred a generations of self hating snowflakes who think if we all hold hands and sing kum by ah whilst giving away our national sovereignty/identity that Michael Jacksosn song will come true ‘We are the world ,we are the children’. Meanwhile they will wear poppys this coming November nd lay wreaths for the war dead which is just virtue signalling as they are trampling all over their sacrifice. meanwhile our other enemies within our borders and without are rubbing their hands at the though of the soy boy generation coming up against them. We need to drain the swamp and not just in politics, we need to shift the left out of our universities and schools, just look what they are turning out. Brainless zombies. Obviously not all leftys are loons, I know many decent folk, we exchange views and differ and shake hands agreeing to differ but their are far left nutcases out there that the fakenews wont talk about but are happy to label a regular patriotic Brit as far right,dont buy their papers, stop funding them.

  • William Boreham

    I give up. At the Newport West by-election yesterday, the idiot voters, who voted 56 per cent to Leave, missed the golden opportunity to send a message to both parties in Parliament – that they want out NOW – deal or no deal. But no, like sheep and despite Labour’s abysmal record in office in Wales, (local government, councils and NHS/Wales,) they still voted as they traditionally have instead of using their brains for once and giving UKIP a huge vote of confidence and a kick the teeth for those clowns in Westminster. In a different context, Winston Churchill once said “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Or perhaps a five minute conversation with the voters of Newport West. I suppose we end up getting the Parliament and politicians we deserve.

    Ruth Jones (Lab) 9,308 (39.58%, -12.73%)
    Matthew Evans (C) 7,357 (31.29%, -8.00%)
    Neil Hamilton (UKIP) 2,023 (8.60%, +6.07%)

  • Julia Green

    The public are ready for WAR…

  • ItsAllOverNow

    A great promise was betrayed by those trusted with the promise. A government accountable to law and to the people requires a united people, not the disunity of multiculturalism and Identity Politics. With the indigenous ethnic base of all of the Western countries under attack as “white supremacists,” the West can no longer defend its culture from the immigrants who do not share the culture.

    The tension between an indigenous culture and imported cultures can be seen in the tensions between Hungary and the EU and Italy and the EU. Hungary has refused to accept its quota of non-European immigrants and faces punishment by the EU. In Italy the government is in the hands of a coalition of leftwing and rightwing parties that are united in their opposition to the EU and non-European immigration. In Europe the situation is one in which the EU government, as well as the governments of member states such as France and Germany, have taken the side of immigrants against the indigenous people. In other words, the governments of Europe are not committed to their own cultures. This is the unmistakable sign of a dead culture.

    In the United States there is so much disunity that to call the states united is a misuse of words. Hillary voters hate Trump voters, and vice versa. The presstitute media and universities are uniformly anti-white.

    Countries without unity are not strong. Consequently, the Western world is losing its leadership of the world.

    Of course, the rest of the world also suffers from disunity. The Sunni and the Shiites cannot unite, with the consequence that the Muslim world is weak. The tribes in Africa cannot unite. India and Pakistan stay at each other’s throats. Animosities exist among Asians. Russia herself is a federation. China has a Muslim province. But the disunities are different from those in the West. Japan and China have differences but the population of Japan is homogeneous and China largely is. Arabs are Arabs whether Sunni or Shiite. The Russian Federation is the remains of an old empire, largely assimilated, not the result of recent immigrations.

    The consequence of disunity perhaps precludes any leadership. But the collapse of the West into diversity and multiculturalism definitely means that Western leadership has been lost to the weakness of disunity.

    Is it chaos that awaits?

  • chris

    William, if you lived in Newport would you vote for Neil Hamilton? I wouldn’t.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Brexit: “The People Have Spoken – The Bastards”

    The whole brouhaha around Brexit has amply demonstrated the under-hand tactics used by the losing side post-2016 referendum. There seems no dirty trick that the PTB and their useful idiots will not employ in their ongoing campaign to keep the UK in the prison of the EU and keep the sinking ship of the EU afloat.

    The counter-revolution campaign contained of 4 discrete but interconnected segments.

    Project fear: This was successfully used in the Scottish Independence Referendum and has been rolled out again in an attempt to reverse the Leave vote in UK’s EU referendum campaign. After the Leave vote result, media immediately went into (hysterical) overdrive with its tales of woe and chaos regarding the ‘inevitable’ collapse of the UK economy. Visions were conjured up of empty super-market shelves, mass unemployment, capital flight, food riots etcetera. The end of civilization as we know it. A notable example of conjecture and scare-mongering being presented as hard ‘facts.’

    Disinformation: The ‘experts’ from the political and media class assured us that life in the EU was wonderful and full of promise and if we only gave it a little more time it would become a veritable Shangri la.

    Enter stage left: the great and the good from the pseudo-left, social-democratic establishment, overwhelmingly in the case of the Labour party, who have assured us that the EU could be transformed – when all the evidence pointed to the contrary – and become an instrument of progress, prosperity and enlightenment. This policy was given broader exposure with Diem2025 the brainchild of one Yanis Varoufakis. According to the theory, nation states no longer existed, and reforms should start at the supra-national level. But as a matter of fact, the nation-state is precisely the arena which meaningful politics can and does take place. According to the Remain and Reform school, we apparently need a Europe-wide supra-national strategy – based upon what policies exactly? We must assume, according to the party line, that the nation-state is either dead or dying, this being an article of faith of the globalist left and the Washington Consensus. Strange bedfellows?

    Confusion: When the population has been softened-up and generally addled by the non-stop propaganda offensive waged by the media – private and state – they will tend to opt for the status quo. Clinging on to the wet-nurse in fear of something new and untested. A second vote is to now been mooted by the PTB, spuriously designated the ‘peoples’ vote, as if the first Referendum somehow wasn’t – and this has been massively endorsed by the Labour party membership and pretty much universally by the PLP. Ergo, the policy the ‘left internationalists’ is one of inter alia ‘strengthening democracy’ – all very noble.

    However, the crucially important issue of the neo-liberal policy tripod: the three freedoms of movement – capital, labour, commodities – remains in place, political change will not take place. And provided the institutional infrastructure of globalized capitalism – the IMF, WTO, World Bank, the EU – are overseeing and enabling the EU’s neoliberal project, economic and political change will not take place.

    It is not the shackles of nationalism that give rise to the bureaucratic monstrosity which is the EU but precisely the opposite. The neo-liberal imperatives of open borders, liberalized commodity markets, liberalized capital accounts, abandonment of exchange rate controls, flexible labour markets and freedom of movement of labour, provide the theoretical and political under-pinning of the whole structure. Unless these political/ideological roadblocks are addressed the status quo will continue and continue to deteriorate.

    In terms of alliance building, political convergence between states cannot be constructed at regional (for example the EU) or even less so at global levels even if it is not achieved firstly at the level of nations. Because whether we like it or not, nations define and manage concrete realities and challenges, and it is only at these levels that changes in the social and political balance of forces to the advantage of the popular classes will or will not occur. Changes at the regional and global level may reflect national advances and certainly facilitate them – but nothing more. In short the move is from local to national and finally to supra-national, not the other way around.

  • A Thorpe

    There are lies everywhere and they are encouraged by the media. None of our main TV news channels are impartial. I recently watched a Sky News Press Review where one person said that Cameron was clear that we would leave the EU fully, including the single market and no more free movement. The other person said it was lies and Cameron had not said this. It is in black and white in the pamphlet we all received. Question Time is even worse. It is about the public expressing their opinions but when they make statements of “fact” that are wrong it should be corrected, but often gets applause, and is therefore validated.

    Last night on QT David Lammy proposed another referendum, with remain and two leave options. If nobody changed their view from the last referendum then remain would win because the leave vote would be split. There would not be any point in wasting time on this since the outcome is known in advance. Such a suggestion might be used by some tin pot dictator trying to make people believe they were living in a democracy and now it seems that the Labour Party is revealing its Marxist leanings.

    Where is the Queen in all this? It is her government and her Prime Minister. It is time she spoke to the nation. This is more important than the death of Diana.

  • Ross

    Brexit died a long time ago after the Gina Miller verdict, its only ironically remainers that are keeping the talk going with their absurd “no deal” risk. Hell will freeze over or article 50 revoked, before parliment would allow a no deal to happen so its a bollox.

    Its all over for the UK anyway in science there is the term “escape velocity” needed to overcome gravity to reach space. To use a metafore the brits supporting brexit, uk soverenty and retaining whats left of british culture and identity is gravity and the remainers are the rocket. Its fair to assume many brexiters in a 2nd ref will boycott the vote or be overcome by appathy allowing remain already 16m to win.

    Something dies when people dont beleive in it anymore at the moment that is the UK. In 20 years from now the idea that britain could be independent will seem as weird to the younger brainwashed pop as saying essex should be independent.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Here’s the future according to M&S and plenty of other websites, mainstream-media TV programs, shows and news broadcasts.

    Have a look at the models for casual men’s shirts on the M&S website.

    Is M&S preparing for the Africanisation of this country or what?

    This is absurd and is happening everywhere. The decadent liberals at work set on doing this country’s sense of identity in.

    These parasitic stores automatically fall in with political correctness, thereby strengthening it.

    M&S sells mainly to women, so it only has a few African models for dresses. The female stuff is always on the ground floor. You have to go upstairs for the male stuff.

  • loppoman

    At this time, even though you don’t appear to like UKIP, I would vote for anything with a pulse in order to keep LibLabCon out.
    How are we ever going to change the system with people like you around?

  • pjbV6

    Indeed, NH may be a bit of shyster for a lot of people with long memories, but at this stage we’re not voting for him personally, we’re voting for the party to get a chance to change things.

    How difficult can it be ?

  • Tony Bliar The Turd

    My God, Sweden is nearly as bad as the UK . for allowing mass rapes of girls.Who would have thought it would be a total shit hole like the UK.

  • Tony Ottis

    You got to laugh that Jon Snow is such a BIGOT.Get Whitey….

    UK govt counts down to the day Whites will become a minority in the UK. They can’t wait for that day.

    Brexit Protesters Attacked for Being WHITE

  • Loony Left

    Left German Politician: It’s Good that Germany will be less German and more Islamic

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Lets face it, the politicians of Europe hate their own people and race.They know now the wheels have been set in motion and there is no stopping it now.Europe IS finished the Dark Ages beckon and will stay,forever.

    Germany: Revellers fire guns for New Year’s celebrations.

    Only Two Men Convicted After 1,200 Sexual Assaults In Cologne

    The Night That Changed Germany’s Attitude To Refugees

    Mass RAPE in Cologne Germany : Refugees STILL Welcome!

  • Billy

    Wolniewicz vs Barbara Lerner Spectre – Professor reacts to ‘multicultural Europe’ speech Bogusław

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