July 2024

Europe to welcome teeming millions

(Wednesday blog)

Europe ideal for migrants

Following on yesterday’s blog about how our rulers are secretly turning the supposedly “non-binding” UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration into a legally binding agreement, I’ve been looking at an official EU document discussing migration into the EU.

The headline of the document is (laughably?): EU Policies – Delivering for citizens.

The title of the document is The Migration Issue and in it our rulers state:

Europe, due to its geographic position and its reputation as an example of stability, generosity and openness against a background of growing international and internal conflicts, climate change and global poverty, is likely to continue to represent an ideal refuge for asylum-seekers and migrants. This is also reflected in the growing amounts, flexibility and diversity of EU funding for migration and asylum policies inside as well as outside the current and future EU budget.

Here’s a link to the document

Europe would be “lost without African immigration”

Helpfully, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has made the EU’s policy on migration into the EU from Africa extremely clear. He has said that Europe has a “clear need for mass migration from Africa” and “if we don’t offer legal ways of emigrating to Europe, and immigrating within Europe, we will be lost”.

Claiming that the continent “will clearly need immigration in the coming decades”, he said EU nations “have to provide [Africans] who want to come, and are able to come, and whose situation makes it possible for them to come, with legal paths to get to Europe”.

When asked why there is “so much resistance” in Europe to the question of open borders with the third world, and why the EU has not yet “succeeded” in foisting mass immigration on countries across the continent, Juncker said Brussels has “told the member-states of their responsibility”. “We will see what the member-states do about it,” he added, proclaiming mass immigration to be a “great challenge of our age” and hinting that countries in Europe will come around to taking the same view as the European Commission.

So there you have it folks – our future if we stay in the EU – a tsunami of migrants from backward, violent, basket-case Africa.

And that’s what the “We-love-EU” idiotic, brainwashed snowflakes keep marching for as they demand their “People’s Vote”.

God help us!

A little bit of cheer

And here to cheer us up is Merkel’s hero, Adolf Hitler, reacting to the news that the Mueller Report has exonerated Trump from collusion with Russia:


4 comments to Europe to welcome teeming millions

  • Brenda Blessed

    The number of adverts on the advertising TV stations featuring Africans and Afro-Caribbeans is ridiculously high considering that only 3% of the UK population is black.

    The BBC is making most of its drama and feature shows and news broadcasts look as if the UK is a rainbow nation that has a high black population.

    Look at the home pages of Tesco Bank, Sainsbury’s Bank, HSBC and Santander. Tesco and Sainsbury’s currently feature only a black woman on their bank’s home page. Tesco has only a black mother and child as the only people on its supermarket’s home page and Sainsbury’s features a black couple on its supermarket’s home page. HSBC features a black man. It used to be a black woman. Santander features a black couple and a black/white couple. Those are just the banks and supermarkets I had a look at.

    It looks to me as if they are all trying to get us used to seeing black faces so that we don’t notice them when they migrate or immigrate here.

    Two Ghanaian MPs have featured across the TV stations speaking about Brexit instead of Theresa May and the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, both of whom are avoiding doing so, just as they avoided the last General Election.

    Kwasi Kwarteng – Brexit Minister. – Sam Gyimah – Ghanaian parents – Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation.

    Kwarteng was born in Waltham Forest in 1975 to parents who migrated to the UK from Ghana as students in the 1960s.

    It seems as if African students are being allowed to use coming here to study as a route to immigrating here.

  • Julia Green

    will anyone have the balls too make a video about the violence on our streets AND WHO IS DOING IT?? Because it’s not the ‘natives’.

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