May 2024

How they lied to us about the UN agreement on migration

Led by the United States, countries like Australia, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Korea and Japan all refused to sign up to the declaration, with Belgium and Switzerland postponing their participation until it is debated by their lawmakers.

But this isn’t stopping EU leaders from trying to force EU member states to abide by this new mandate, whether they signed up to it or not.

We already knew the UN Pact on Migration wouldn’t have to be binding for virtue-signaling leaders like Trudeau, Merkel and Macron. These migration pact-friendly leaders are already champing at the bit to resettle the world’s 258 million migrants (a huge percentage of them from possibly inferior cultures in Africa and the Middle East) and are only too happy to use this “non-binding” agreement as the “foundation” for domestic immigration policy.

Back in Dec. 2018, Angela Merkel explained that when two-thirds of the United Nations member states agree to the Pact (which they did in Morocco), then it becomes “legally binding for all (even for states that rejected it).“That’s how majority decision-making works,” added Merkel. And the illegal-alien migrant-invasion-supporting clapping clowns in the audience obviously approved.

Helpfully, the UN has already calculated how many migrants each country should take between now and 2050:  Germany – 40 million; Italy – 35 million; the UK – 13 million; the EU – 153 million. For the UK this would mean about 433,000 probably low-IQ, often illiterate, mostly unemployable, often violent, often West-loathing, often criminal, parasitic Third-Worlders arriving/invading what was once our country every year for the next thirty years.

Yipeee – more diversity!!!! Just what we need as knife crime and gang violence increasingly turn our cities into dangerous Third-World slums.

The GCM was formally endorsed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 19 December 2018. Merely six weeks later, a note by the European Commission’s legal service dated 1 February 2019 states the exact opposite of what we were always told.

This note is titled ‘The legal effects of the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by the UN General Assembly” and was only recently leaked.

The legal service of the Commission refers to several articles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to grant the GCM a binding status. In typical legalise that no ordinary person will understand or is meant to understand, for instance article 208(2) states: “The Union and the Member States shall comply with the commitments and take account of the objectives they have approved in the context of the United Nations and other competent international organisations”.

Furthermore Paragraph 46 of the note states: “It must be (…) concluded that the GCM has legal effects as it is able to decisively influence the content of the legislation adopted by the EU legislature”.

“In accordance with the principle of loyal cooperation, Member States should facilitate the achievement of Union’s objectives, including the implementation of the GCM. At the same time, they should refrain from any action that could jeopardise the attainment of those objectives”, states the final paragraph (53) of the note.

By referring to the GCM in preambles and footnotes to official texts, the Commission is surreptitiously working to make it legally-binding. This would mean that member states will have no control over their own borders – the EU Commission will decide who can and who cannot enter and stay in their countries. And, of course, this subterfuge will provide a feeding frenzy for West-hating, self-enriching immigration lawyers.

We just got fooled again!!!!

7 comments to How they lied to us about the UN agreement on migration

  • Julia Green

    Absolutely incredible. Who is really behind this?

  • David Craig

    A certain Mr George Soros?

  • Tommy Grantham

    Julia, they whose name must not be spoken..

  • Alan Thorpe

    It is a pity that our news channels do not show this video instead of making us listen to all the crap from our MPs about how great the EU is. Or better still interview Janice Atkinson.

  • loppoman

    Is violence going to be the only solution to this abuse?

  • Joe Schmo

    Violence is not the answer.

    Having a plan B is.

    Having the funds and the ability to be able to leave
    this country will be crucial.

  • Peter Hardwickp

    But Joe,where to go? I always had New Zealand and Australia earmarked but recent events and friends down under suggest they are heading in the same direction.Singapore and Japan might be an option but Japan sensibly don’t do immigration.Tongue in cheek we could do a deal with Zimbabwe.They can all come here and we go there.With its resources I am sure we could make it a prosperous and successful country once more.A lot of Zimbabweans would welcome us also.Oh! I hadn’t thought this through.Is the Migration pact only a one way deal or can we turn up anywhere and request entry? I wonder?

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