June 2024

Mueller report proves there definitely was collusion

(Monday blog)

We don’t yet know in detail what’s in the long-awaited Mueller Report. But I’m pretty certain it proves there was collusion. There was collusion between the Deep State, the sore-loser Democrats and all the US media (with the honourable exception of Fox News) to destroy democratically-elected President Trump and replace him with someone who didn’t threaten the lucrative financial interests of all the multi-millionaires in Congress and the US government:

The Mainstream Media with their WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception), the Intelligence agencies, both political parties and the rest of the Deep State are guilty of collusion, sedition and obstruction of justice. Obstruction of allowing the democratically-elected President of the United States of America to do his job.

Just as the UK Deep State – the civil service, Parliament and the media – have tried to and probably managed to destroy Brexit. In the same way the US Deep State have tried to destroy Trump. But whereas the UK Deep State seems to have succeeded in overturning a democratic vote to leave the corrupt, undemocratic, power-grabbing, German-controlled EU, in the US democratically-elected President Trump incredibly keeps fighting and doesn’t give up:

The Mueller investigation has resulted in indictments, guilty pleas and people going to prison. But all those were for supposed offences committed long before any of those imprisoned worked for Trump, they had nothing to do with the supposed collusion with Russia that Mueller was meant to be investigating and were only aimed at blackmailing the indicted to force them to testify against Trump:

Yet, in spite of this blackmail, it seems the investigators couldn’t get any hard evidence against Trump. The best they could do was Trump’s long-time lawyer claiming Trump was bombastic, bullying and a bit of a fantasist. I think we all knew that long before he was elected. Now, apparently, there will be no more indictments. It seems there are no more people for the Mueller team to blackmail.

At the weekend, I featured a short video showing the US ruling and media elites scoffing at the idea of Trump ever becoming president. But, ensconced in their multi-millionaire world far away from ordinary American voters, they had no idea of the anger the majority felt at the way their concerns were being ignored by the ruling elites.

Of course, the Mueller Report will say that Russia tried to influence the election. And I suspect they will try to accuse Trump of trying to obstruct justice even though there was no justice to obstruct given that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. And the mouth-frothing Democrats will be demanding Trump be indicted and/or impeached for supposedly obstructing an investigation into something that never happened. Only in the mad mad world of those with serious Trump Derangement Syndrome could someone be guilty of obstructing an investigation into something that never happened in the first place.

In the battle of Trump against the Deep State, incredibly Trump may be winning. Slowly many Americans may come to realise that the real traitors to their country will not be Trump and his team but his enemies in the Deep State who have tried to destroy him and his presidency:

Though this isn’t the end of the matter. Instead of developing some policies that will improve the lives of ordinary American voters, the furious, self-serving, lying Democrats in Congress will spend the next two years launching investigation after investigation into the affairs of Trump, his family and his supporters to try to bring the democratically-elected President down.

I hope that in the 2020 presidential elections American voters remember how their concerns were ignored by the multi-millionaire Deep State ruling elites and once again vote for Trump.

Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

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  • chris

    Trump has the the US military intelligence behind him and to keep him safe. (conspiracy theorists have logged at least two assassination attempts) I wish our military would back Boris or Nigel or HRH. I see, today, our military is warning against integration with the EU military. Treason May has already agreed to this. If that happens that will be THE END of the UK. Remember, we have a nuclear armed force. Merkel and Macron would love to have that under their control.

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