July 2024

This time Britain cravenly surrenders to the German Fourth Reich

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Let’s leave the EU?

Being a realist, I know that our rulers are never going to allow us to leave the EU. With the useless Theresa May playing the role of Neville Chamberlain and the self-aggrandising Dominic Grieve playing the role of 1930s Hitler admirer and appeaser Lord Halifax, we’re going to get on our collective knees and surrender control of our country to a resurgent German empire – the EU – German Fourth Reich:

Merkel’s role model, Adolf Hitler, must be kicking himself as he sees that he could have conquered the whole of Europe without firing a single shot given what cowards the French, Dutch, Belgians, Spanish, Italians, Swedes, Danes etc etc are.

I wonder if Merkel will be the next President of the European Commission when the useless Drunk leaves? That would really make it clear who actually runs Europe.

Nevertheless, here’s a link to a petition demanding Britain leaves the EU without a deal:

Please sign it although it won’t make any difference to our rulers’ determination to surrender our country to Adolf Merkel and her sidekick Martyn Selmayr (grandson of a high-ranking Nazi officer largely responsible for the slaughter of about 20 million Russians).

We’re not winning

As everybody blubs and holds hands and lights candles and sings kumbaya or whatever over the New Zealand mosque attacks, let me just keep you up to date with the latest score.

So far in 2019 there have been over 400 registered terror attacks killing 2,278 innocents. Of these more than 400 attacks, at least 399 have been carried out by our friends from the religion of peace killing 2,228 innocents and just one has been carried out by an Izlumophobe killing 50 innocents.

Sorry if the BBC and C4 News spent days covering the one Izlumophobe attack and totally ‘forgot’ to tell you about the other 2,228 attacks carried out peacefully by our peaceful, peace-loving religion of peace chums.

Meanwhile, we hear that a couple of thugs did some damage to two or three mosques in Birmingham. But nobody mentions the more than 50 churches that were vandalised in France just during February. In some French churches, statues and crosses were smashed:

In others, crosses in excrement were also smeared on the walls:

I just can’t guess who would have carried out these more than 50 attacks on churches. But I do know how many people will be arrested and prosecuted for these 50+ acts of sacrilege and religious hatred – about 0 people or probably fewer.

To cheer us up

I just love a bit of ‘schadenfreude’. So here to cheer us all up in these miserable times are a bunch of smug, self-satisfied, progressive, brainless libtards before the 2016 US presidential elections laughingly and contemptuously dismissing the idea that Trump could ever become president:


7 comments to This time Britain cravenly surrenders to the German Fourth Reich

  • Roy Hartwell

    This is not meant as an apology for May but this is not just all down to her. We have a parliament and establishment clearly against us leaving the EU and horrified that we were ever given the opportunity to actually have a democratic say on our position (listen to Osbourne’s interview on Radio 4 this morning !!). They were always going to ensure that one way or another Brexit would not happen. This would have led to the loss of their comfortable lives continuing to sit in parliament being paid for doing nothing.I do believe, however, that they have misread how the voting public would react assuming we would all quietly accept there ruling and go away. I believe and hope that at the next election there will be a huge tidal wave of voting away from the mainstream parties with most of the present incumbents kicked out unceremoniously (unfortunately hanging on to their pensions and ‘benefits’).

  • A Thorpe

    Remember this is the children’s future and they know exactly what they want. The have been brainwashed by the state and cannot think for themselves. This is exactly the kind of citizen that our socialist masters want. What will the children do when they finally have to live in the dystopian nightmare they are creating?

  • William Boreham

    New Zealanders seem to have taken leave of their senses. There is a lot more sheep in NZ than I suspected. We’re told that: “New Zealand has commemorated the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings by broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer nationwide during a two-minutes’ silence, with the Prime Minister and many other non-Muslims donning veils for the occasion.” Have those clowns any idea that the Islamic call to prayer from Arabic is translated as “God is great, there is no God but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come to prayer” Their half-witted PM, wearing a headscarf, came out with this nonsense: “According the prophet Mohammed… The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body,” the Prime Minister told the assembled mourners. “When any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain. New Zealand mourns with you, we are one” (Yeah, just wait till they’re in the majority) The Imam of the mosque wasted no time adding to the bullshit:  “Their blood will water the seeds of hope and people will see the beauty of Islam. The martyrdom of 50 people and the injury of 42 did not come overnight, it was the result of the anti-Muslim rhetoric of some political leaders, media agencies and others,” he added, telling the crowd that “Islamaphobia kills” and urging “governments around the world, including New Zealand and neighbouring countries, to bring an end to hate speech and the politics of fear.” Any New Zealander with a smidgen of historical knowledge, common sense and simple understanding of self preservation should have walked out long before, but no, they actually seemed to believe this garbage. Oh, well, they’ll soon find out about the Black Plague they’ve invited into their country – when it’s too late.

  • loppoman

    We now will have an additional calendar event on 29th March each year.
    What shall we call it?
    Can I suggest “People Betrayal Day” or “Traitors’ Day”.
    Any other suggestions?

  • Bloody Yank here. Due to the Trump election, my country has been suffering from a shortage of crow, because some of us have eaten so much of it.

  • A Thorpe

    Motorists in a pro-Broxit protest are being prosecuted for inconsiderate driving but central London is at a standstill because of an anti-Brexit march.

  • John Bull

    As a possible No Deal Brexit looms nearer the UK has a military Operation ready for the the streets of what was once a great nation. A threatening comment from Govt. with them naming the operation YELLOW HAMMER. Yellow Vest type reaction warning, we should rise to the challenge enmasse, ALL Britons…

    See 6 minutes onwards in video attached.

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