June 2024

UK-hating Jeremy al-Corbyn exposed?

(Tuesday blog)

Crazies vs crazies – keeping the score

I thought I’d start by updating you on the latest score of terrorist attacks.

So far in 2019 there have now been 375 terrorist attacks in 32 countries. A whopping 374 of these attacks have been carried out by members of the religion of peace and just one attack (Christchurch NZ) has been carried out by someone who wasn’t a member of the religion of peace.This means that 0.3% of attacks were carried out by white supremacists and 99.7% of terrorist attacks were carried out by members of the most peaceful religion. Though you wouldn’t think this was the case if you watched the BBC or C4 News.

As for the number of deaths, around 2,139 innocents have been killed – crucified, blown up, shot, hacked to death, burnt alive or beheaded in these 375 terrorist attacks. Around 2,089 victims were killed by members of the religion of wonderfulness and 50 killed by a white supremacist. This means that 2.3% of those killed were murdered by a white supremacist and 97.7% were slaughtered by members of the world’s favourite religion.

Comrade Corbyn accidentally reveals his contempt for white Brits

Below I feature two tweets from Comrade Corbyn.

The first one expresses his reaction to the Manchester Arena bombing. You might remember that 22 people died – including a number of children – after an explosion tore through a pop concert at Manchester Arena. More than 800 other people received physical or psychological injures in the blast at an Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017. Terrorist Salman Abedi was named as the suicide bomber who carried out the attack.

In his tweet, Comrade Corbyn refers to the Manchester bombing, in which a member of his favourite religion slaughtered loads of white indigenous Brits (including children) as a “terrible incident”.

In the second tweet, Corbyn gives his reaction to the Christchurch NZ mosque shooting. He calls this an “horrific terror attack”.

So, for UK-hating Comrade Corbyn, when a member of his favourite religion slaughters white Brits in Britain, that’s just an “incident”. But when a white man murders members of his favourite religion in faraway New Zealand, that’s a “terror attack”.

I think Comrade Jeremy al-Corbyn has just inadvertently revealed his loathing for white indigenous Brits and his preference for members of his favourite religion.

9 comments to UK-hating Jeremy al-Corbyn exposed?

  • ToryBliar

    Who would have thought it? Michael Foot warned us about the EU and how damaging it could potentially be to us.He was right of course, in the days when politicians dared to speak in public and state and defend their position in an orderly manner instead of the rabble laid before us today with their prepared speeches written for them by their string pullers.

  • ToryBliar

    Michael Foot Speaking.with one of the other Tory traitors Edward Heath.

  • William Boreham

    I see they are desperately searching for Brenton Tarrant’s contacts (if any) when he visited Britain, hoping like hell that he met some British Right Wingers so they can scream equally guilty be association. When I see the sympathetic and compassionate coverage from our ‘infidel’ media over this single incident, I know we in the West have lost. 50 or so dead may sound a lot, but there are a lot more where that came from. Globally, the Muslim population swells by millions yearly. There are currently an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet and Islamic females (together with Sub-Saharan African females) have the world’s highest fertility rate. And this is precisely what shooter Brenton Tarrant said—“It’s the birthrates.” He apparently thought that sentiment was so important that he opened his 73-page manifesto The Great Replacement by repeating the phrase time and time again. Meanwhile, the European people are spiralling into decay and eventual death. Every day we become fewer in number, we grow older, we grow weaker. In the end we must return to replacement fertility levels, or it will kill us. All in all the crisis of mass immigration and sub-replacement fertility is an assault on the European people that, if not combated, will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people….White Genocide in other words. And new and far more toxic and deadly Dark Age approaches.

  • A Thorpe

    Jacinda has announced that she will not speak the name of Brenton Tarrant again. What a meaningless gesture.

  • William Boreham

    Well, she was a ‘policy adviser’ to Tony Blair and president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, so what can you expect. Always thought the New Zealanders were a sane, rational – and manly nation. With her as PM – seems not.

  • loppoman

    I congratulate William Boreham for his entirely accurate portrayal of culture clashes, in his posts today and yesterday. Authorities are allegedly scratching their heads trying to figure out why violence occurs. For me and many others, the answer is obvious. Authorities have, for years, told us that immigration from the third world, and different cultures, are all good for us, where, in fact, the truth is that the majority of the population DO NOT WANT these people living in our country, nor do they want their cultures for the very specific reasons William brilliantly outlined yesterday. People were never asked if they wanted this major change in their lives. Under these circumstances, frustration sets in. I’m frustrated that I’m not able to alter this state but feel powerless to do anything about it as I’m not a violent person. People like me do not get the opportunity to express and argue their views in the media and are equally powerless. This frustration, for some individuals/groups, eventually boils over and result in extreme actions as per Brenton Tarrant. The violence will continue and escalate unless peoples’ concerns are addressed.

  • Stillreading

    There is every indication that before much longer rational public comment such as William Boreham’s, endorsed by loppoman, will no longer be permissible. Indeed, with the proliferation throughout the UK of domestic spies such as “Alexa” lurking and listening in corners of living rooms, it will shortly be unsafe to express audible opinion in the privacy of one’s home. It was reported some years ago that Tony Bliar (yes, the mis-spelling is intentional!) expressed an intention of “rubbing the population’s noses in multiculturalism”. Well, consider our collective nose well and truly rubbed, with consequences such as Manchester and Westminster Bridge which we have already suffered. Deplorable as is the death of anyone who can be considered “innocent” in the context of the relevant discussion, including tiny children who had no control over where they were being taken by their parents, evidently the NZ shooter has his own reasons for doing what he did, immoral or unjustified though they might be considered by many. But the NZ PM refusing to pronounce his name whilst going around wearing a hijab and hugging members of the Muslim population is merely camouflaging the can as well as kicking it down the road. I have never been to NZ myself, so I can’t pass comment based on personal experience, but a family member whose daughter has lived there for many years has been telling me for more than a decade that excessively left wing NZ Governments have been deliberately turning their heads away from a number of impending problems, of which too much immigration from what may be considered alien cultures, is one.

  • Stillreading

    I heard Dan Snow say recently during a TV programme about the East India Company that after its expansion by Lord Wellesley around 1800, the Company controlled 180,000,000 people, which was one sixth of the world’s entire population. I did my maths, then checked out the figures, and indeed the world’s population is estimated to still have been only around 1.6 billion by 1900. We are now, a mere 120 years later, heading towards NINE billion. The figures speak for themselves. What the world, but above all the undeveloped world, needs now is not Western charity, but stringent population control. Failing imminent action to severely limit reproduction, ever more competition for resources – land and water and the edible products thereof – can only lead to war. Add to the urgent need for territory, food, water and shelter the blinkered and bigoted evils of ALL religious doctrine, and the end is inevitable. The fundamental principles of all religions seem to me to be the same – keep the people prolific, consequently they live in poverty, trapped in poverty they are denied education, being denied education they do not have the intellectual resources to challenge the religious doctrine, be it Islam or Judaism or Christianity. It isn’t only the world’s most peaceful religion to which this applies – Catholicism and certain bizarre Christian fundamentalist groups are no better. Without drastic change, and soon, the world is doomed.

  • pjb

    To Ioppoman, we still have the power to vote, and there is still a party that will at least attempt to reverse the madness. I hope you will support them.

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