June 2024

Let’s put the Christchurch terrorist attack into context

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Let’s put Christchurch into context

Of course we should be horrified by and condemn the Christchurch terror attacks on two mosques. And the mainstream media and our ever-so-progressive rulers will be howling and screaming about the dangers of right-wing terrorism. Plus, of course, our libtard elites will all be claiming that right-wing terrorism is a much greater threat than terrorism from those members of the religion of tolerance and peace who have not understood how frightfully peaceful their own religion is.

But let me try to do what no member of the mainstream media will dare do. Let me use facts and figures to put the Christchurch murders into perspective:

  • Since the start of 2019, there have been about 355 terror attacks in 31 countries resulting in deaths. Of these 355 terror attacks, one was carried out by a right-wing extremist and the other 354 were carried out by faithful members of the religion of harmony and happiness.
  • The 354 terror attacks claimed by our most favouritest religion resulted in 1,956 deaths and a further 2,020 injuries. So, the death toll has been running at about 195 people a week since the start of this year.
  • The 1,956 deaths included about 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists and one Jew. The other 1,748 slaughtered in the last ten weeks by members of the religion of peace were all members of the religion of peace.

Of course, the mainstream media won’t mention the 130 Christians, 65 Hindus, 12 Buddhists, one Jew and 1,748 Moozerlums all shot, hacked to death, beheaded, crucified, blown up or burnt alive by members of the religion of peace as these murders don’t fit in with the progressive liberal narrative that the more multi-culturalism and diversity we have the more wonderful our societies will be, in spite of the fact that study after study after study have shown that the more diversity there is, the less social cohesion there is and the higher are levels of violence and crime. You only have to look at Sadiq Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London, where indigenous white Brits are in a minority, to see what too much diversity brings.

So, as we are bombarded with news propaganda about how awful right-wing terrorists are, perhaps we should put the 49 Christchurch deaths into context by remembering the above figures – 1,956 innocents slaughtered in just ten weeks by members of the most wonderful religion? Perhaps we should remember that more than 195 innocents have been slaughtered each week on average by our chums from the religion of peace since the start of 2019?

And, as candle-lit vigils and demonstrations are held by the usual progressive libtards for the Christchurch victims, there won’t be any candle-lit vigils for the 1,956 innocents slaughtered by our friends from the beautiful religion. Moreover, the Christchurch massacre will give our rulers the excuse they’ve been waiting for to pass new laws massively clamping down on free speech. Soon any comment criticising or even questioning anything about the religion of wonderfullness will be immediately branded ‘hate speech’ and result in criminal prosecution.

God help us!

Theresa May lies and lies and lies and lies

As our useless, lying, cretinous waste of skin prime minister goes crawling to the Drunk to ask for an extension to Brexit, let me remind you of the many many many times she absolutely promised there would be no extension.

Lies, lies, lies and more lies from the worst prime minister Britain has ever had.

7 comments to Let’s put the Christchurch terrorist attack into context

  • Roy Hartwell

    One can’t help feeling that if the Christchurch attack had been carried out by a member of the religion of peace we would have been reassured that he was mentally deranged and not responsible for his actions !

  • David weller

    Let’s not forget 3000 yazdis women who are missing and presumed dead

  • Elena

    Fine. I came up with the term “Yezidophobia” And even made a meme with the words: We were killed, enslaved and raped by unknown “Yezidophobes” who have no religion. Therefore, no one will be responsible for our genocide.

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  • william carr

    I agree with what you say for the most part except for a couple of things. First indigenous white Brits are not a minority
    although they may be in some limited areas of London and most of the killings seem to be gang related and black on black.
    It is somewhat of an exaggeration to claim the streets are ‘blood soaked’
    Secondly everybody understands (except you maybe) that politics is and always has been the art of the possible, so politicians frequently make prophecies and claims that prove impossible to achieve. Whatever one may think of her PM May is doing a remarkable job in the face of a hostile parliament and a hostile EU who also promised to not make difficulties for UK to leave the EU!!

  • William Boreham

    No, indigenous white British are not a minority – yet. The fertility rates for white Britishers are such that our number decline generation by generation. All European nations are in the same situation, one of the worse for instance is Spain where their next generation with be just over halve the current one. Meanwhile, that hordes of Muslims and Africans flooding into this country breed like flies and we pay them to do so.
    As for May, this is a brief outline of her third plan, what she expects Parliament to vote for:

    a) Free movement of people would continue during the 21 month Implementation Period and during any subsequent extension which would be until the end of 2022 – six years after the referendum. In the Northern Ireland Backstop (which we will likely enter), we have no legal guarantee that the free movement of people will even cease then. 
    b) We would be trapped in the Customs Union indefinitely with no sovereign ability to leave it.
    c) Many aspects of the Single Market would continue to apply indefinitely during the Backstop.
    d) The UK would have to follow EU rules and regulations indefinitely during the Backstop, with no say over those rules.
    e) The European Court of Justice would continue to have jurisdiction over the UK indefinitely.
    f) Although front-loaded, we would continue paying the EU some form of payment for approximately 100 years as part of our £39bn financial settlement.
    g) Northern Ireland would be treated as a third country, vis-a-vis Great Britain. 
    h) We would no longer be a Member State of the EU, have MEPs in the European Parliament or any institutional representation at the EU level, yet be governed by its rules.
    Are those clowns in the House actually going to vote for that?

  • VonVeezil

    I have one complaint about your reporting here. This shooter was not a right wing extremist. In his manifesto, he points out that communist China is the system of governance he preferred. That is not right wing. He was an ecomaniac. Not on the right wing. This crazy lunatic was a lefti wing socialist anarchist. Totally left wing.

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