July 2024

London stabbings – am I responsible? The BBC says I am!

(Thursday blog)

I’m currently working on a new YouTube video about useless Sadiq Khan’s lawless London.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of some of those murdered in Sadiq Khan’s violent London in 2018:

And here are some more from 2018:

And here are just a few of those murdered so far in 2019:

So, what’s interesting about these pictures? It’s probably the fact that at least 80% of those killed in Sadiq Khan’s London twinned with Mogadishu are from a multi-cultural enriching background. Very few are white, indigenous Brits.

Hmmm, I wonder why that is?

I suppose there are two possible explanations:

  • Many of these people come from cultures which don’t encourage education, hard work, self-reliance, a stable family life and acceptance of the rules and responsibilities of living in an advanced, civilised Western society
  • We white indigenous Brits have failed to integrate all these wonderful vibrant, diverse enrichers. Therefore, all the violence and stabbings and murders are really our fault

I know which explanation I would choose. And I know which explanation the BBC and C4 News would choose.

Political correctness prevents me saying much more.

It prevents me showing yet again a world map like this one suggesting that there are significant differences in IQ levels between different races and that there is a clear correlation between average IQ levels and economic success:

It prevents me from mentioning that there is not a single successful democratic country in the whole of Africa.

It prevents me from mentioning that, apart from a few massively wealthy Gulf states, almost every country with a religion of peace and tolerance majority is a violent, filth-ridden, poverty-stricken cesspit.

It prevents me from suggesting that people coming from the world’s worst sh*t-holes are unlikely to make much of a positive contribution to our country in spite of what the ruling elites keep telling us.

And so the Third-World hordes keep coming and our leaders simply can’t understand why crime is spiraling out of control. Instead they give us ever more fatuous supposed ‘explanations’ of the collapse of law and order.

After all, it’s not possible that there could be a link between immigration and rising crime.

5 comments to London stabbings – am I responsible? The BBC says I am!

  • William Boreham

    Yes and all the planets population explosion comes from those low IQ countries!
    What a future our offspring face.
    Mark Styne on the implications of the African population explosion and they are flooding into Europe. (don’t we know it – across the Channel as well.)
    There are more living today than the total that have lived on earth since time began.

    The depopulation of Poland and that applies to all European nations:

  • Andy

    This is why people of colour (edited for political correctness) were stopped and searched. Everyone knows our friends from exotic countries (edited for political correctness) are the ones stabbing people, but now we’re not allowed to acknowledge reality.

  • A Thorpe

    @Andy What are the police going to do with extra money? Bring back stop and search and that will create more unrest. David is spot on with the first of the possible causes.

  • The Telegraph: “Africa’s population to double to 2.4 billion by 2050”

    “Africa’s population will more than double to 2.4 billion within 40 years, according to a major study, thanks in large part to better health care.”

    That figure is now down to 31 years.

    Africa’s wildlife is already struggling to survive. Botswana is considering allowing American hunters in to kill elephants, the meat from which would be used as pet food. There won’t be much of it left by 2050.

    I would obviously prefer the wildlife instead of the human cesspits.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Did anybody see the Question Time discussion on this? Most were saying that the solution is entirely in the hands of the state. The socialists have created state dependency in every area and that means that there will never be a solution. Only one man, an Asian. made the point about family life.

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