October 2021
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Amidst the omni-shambles, let’s remember all Cameron’s achievements?

Most people view our lying PM David Liar Cameron with utter derision and contempt. But we must also give him credit for his many achievements, mustn’t we? There’s his pledge to cut the deficit – oh, dear, the deficit has increased every month since he took office. There’s his promise of a referendum on Europe – wait a minute, we haven’t had that, have we? There’s his commitment to bring honesty back into British politics – woops, constant lies and selling private dinners to the rich for £250,000 a pop doesn’t look too honest. There’s his commitment to work for “hardworking families who play by the rules” – giving our money to his banker mates, failing to prosecute any bankers, reducing taxes on the rich, allowing huge companies to avoid paying taxes, allowing his rich friends to avoid paying taxes, pushing huge numbers of his cronies into the Lords where they can fiddle their expenses till the day they die – is that helping “hardworking families who play by the rules”? He promised to stand up for Britain – but he and Liar Osborne keep on handing tens of billions of our money to propping up the failing eurozone while claiming we can’t afford to look after our own elderly, who have usually paid their taxes and “played by the rules”.

In fact, I can’t really think of a single thing our incompetent, arrogant, corrupt, dishonest, useless PM David Liar Cameron has achieved. Cameron has betrayed us all and he has betrayed Britain. The pointless Ed Miliband must already be measuring up the curtains for Number 10.

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