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Cowardly Finns tell migrants “ota raiskata tyttäremme”

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On Thursday/Friday, I featured an article from the Gatestone Institute about how migrant grooming/rape gangs had started ‘doing a Rotherham’ in the Finnish town of Oulu. Part of the article I didn’t include went on to discuss why local politicians and the authorities were denying there was a problem and were refusing to take any action, just as Rotherham’s councillors, police and social services also all looked the other way while large gangs of our multi-cultural friends were enthusiastically enriching Rotherham’s underage girls using all the orifices they could find.

But perhaps I’m being unfair to the Finnish authorities. In some towns they seem to be making great efforts to integrate new arrivals. Here are some nice photos successful integration:

And here’s another:

And here’s another:

And here’s a small compilation:

There are plenty more similar photos from Finland available on the Internet.

What kind of parent would allow their young daughters to hang out with much older, migrant men from Africa and the Middle East? Only cowardly, libtard Finns brainwashed by political correctness into believing all cultures are equal when Western European culture is clearly vastly superior to the cultures of the self-inflicted sh*thole countries most of these migrants come from.

Oh, and by the way, the “ota raiskata tyttäremme” in the title of this weekend’s blog means “please rape our daughters” which seems to be the attitude of Finnish politicians, police and social services just as it was in Rotherham, Oxford, Newcastle, Bradford and so many other English towns.

2 comments to Cowardly Finns tell migrants “ota raiskata tyttäremme”

  • William Boreham

    What’s happened to Europeans in a single generation? In 1939-40, the Finns fought like heroes against the massive Soviet war machine and made mincemeat of them until overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Now, like all European countries (apart from Putin’s Russia) seem to be populated by a indigenous generation of pussies, most certainly amongst the leadership. Hitler said in 45: “All good Germans are dead.” Did all those Europeans with fighting genes in their system die in that war? Look at how far France has succumbed to mass immigration and imagine what would was happened to those third world scum in 1939-45?

  • leila young

    I think we know why this is allowed to happen- both Hislam and the NWO want to destroy Western civilisation, for ease of control of the population one imagines. Thus the TPB are using a multifaceted attack on us – We see the dangers all too clearly But what has happened to those who cannot see where we are headed? it is most perturbing.

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