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Let’s import more backwards, violent savages to make our country more diverse

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I am a brainless, progressive, lefty, BBC-believing, virtue-signalling, rapefugee-hugging, brain-dead snowflake.

I believe that all cultures are equal, that there is no evil anywhere in the world, that sh*t-hole countries are sh*t-holes because of nasty waacisst Western colonialists and that if we all sat around – people of every race – lit candles, held hands, welcomed rapefugees and sang ‘Kumbaya’ then the world would be a peaceful place full of love and multi-culturalism and diversity and harmony and no crime.

But sadly, not everyone is like me. Not everyone is a progressive, brain-dead, narcissistic, virtue-signalling, rapefugee-hugging idiot like me.

There are some people, believe it or not, who think that some cultures are better than others, who don’t believe what the BBC tells us, who believe that some places are total sh*t-holes because their inhabitants are violent, dangerous, low-IQ, semi-morons and that importing millions of illiterate, uneducated, probably low-IQ, violent, rape-obsessed, deeply criminal semi-morons from Africa and the Middle East will be a disaster for once civilised, once cultured, once democratic Europe:

Here’s one of these people who don’t agree with me.

Boo! Hiss! Isn’t he horrible?

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