July 2024

Being a rapefugee-hugging lefty can seriously damage your health

(weekend blog Saturday/Sunday 5-6 January)

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson to start off the year. He helpfully shows that being a holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, self-righteous, naive, snowflake, rapefugee-hugging lefty idiot can seriously damage your health.

But where do all these holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, self-righteous, naive, snowflake, rapefugee-hugging, lefty idiots come from? Here’s a clue: our universities, which have been transformed into snowflake indoctrination centers for the mentally gullible. Young people graduating from university today probably know less than they did before they entered ‘uni’. At their beloved ‘uni’ they become experts in anti-knowledge, or “fake facts” that they think are true.

For example, nearly all college graduates today believe that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant that will destroy the planet. Yet any honest scientist who graduated a generation earlier will confirm that carbon dioxide is the single most important nutrient for plants, responsible for the “greening” of rainforests, food crops, grasslands and even aquatic ecosystems. CO2 is the molecule of life, yet college graduates have been indoctrinated with anti-knowledge that claims CO2 is a poison.

As for different cultures, our universities and progressive media have brainwashed the gullible into believing that white Western-European culture is somehow responsible for all the evils in the world and that cultures like our mostest favouritest wonderfullest religion are as good as, if not superior to, Western culture.

As Paul Joseph Watson so admirably shows, when one of these indoctrinated, progressive, snowflakes meets reality, the results are often not pretty – for the lefty, rapefugee-hugging snowflake.


9 comments to Being a rapefugee-hugging lefty can seriously damage your health

  • William Boreham

    Having failed at the ballot box, the left have infiltrated and taken over most of the thousands of quangos that run our daily life. I was reading the confessions of an ex-lefty working in the educational field:
    “The only solution to failure on the ballot box was to invade the areas of life that were most directly responsible for opinion-forming and the bending of minds: to “work from within”, as we used to say, to alter the consciousness of the masses, who would then be made to see the reality of their own situation and become more receptive to the message of revolution. I had dozens of comrades on the New Left who became union officials, broadcasters, teachers and lecturers (the old polytechnics were full of such people) with this explicit motivation. Anti-capitalist, class-war jargon permeated public discourse in the Seventies to an extent that now sounds risible. The Haringey primary school that my children attended was forced to end its Suzuki violin classes because the NUT representative on the staff declared the violin to be “a bourgeois instrument”. Later, the national curriculum turned subjects such as geography into polemical condemnations of colonial empires. The worst of this may be past now in the schools, but not before whole generations were put through a sheep-dip of hatred for their own historical culture.”

  • A Thorpe

    The climate fraud is based on the creation of new laws of physics to support the campaign to reduce the use of fossil fuels. They are: heat can flow from cold to hot and hence that EMR from the cold atmosphere can heat the surface, that heat transfer is a reversible process and so heat can be used twice. These combine to create all the extra energy that the models predict is causing the temperature rise. Then the law of conservation of energy has been distorted to make it a thermal energy balance at the surface, at the edge of the atmosphere and any points in between. Next the quite ridiculous use of average surface temperature makes everybody think they understand the science. An average temperature has no physical basis. The maths can be done but the resulting average means absolutely nothing. This is because temperature is not a property that is fixed by the size of the system it is being used to describe. The masses of two systems can be added together to give a total mass, but the temperatures do not give a total temperature. It is very easy to understand. All these concepts are basic physics. What is being taught in schools? But I know people who have had a career in science and they have also been brainwashed. They all seem to believe that the king has some new clothes and cannot see the simple truth.

  • Roy Hartwell

    A Thorpe When you have prominent physicists such as Professor Cox spouting the AGW mantra to the masses, there is little hope of the truth being heard. It still amazes me that someone so seemingly bright hasn’t followed basic scientific principles and questioned the doctrines. as you say, basic physics should be enough for anyone to question the rubbish being expounded daily, particularly by the Bliar broadcasting Corporation !

  • TommyAtkinsGhost

    Must be an all time low for the British Armed Forces!! What an
    embarrassment it is to be British..

    British Army Seeks “Snowflakes” And “Selfie Addicts” As Recruitment Numbers Slide,

  • Stillreading

    I agree Tommy, but who would want their children or grandchildren to enlist now? Our soldiers are abominably treated. They are sent to the most appalling, savage parts of the world in the name of peacekeeping or defeating terrorism, then when they do the job they were deployed to do – i.e. slaughter the enemy whose objective is to torture or slaughter them and the indigenous populations of these hell-holes – they find themselves prosecuted in OUR Courts, dishonourably discharged and possibly imprisoned. Just recently we learned that soldiers who were on “peacekeeping” duty in Ireland 30 years ago are possibly to face prosecution! As for those soldiers who suffer loss of one or more limbs or other body parts, whose lives are irreversibly altered for the worse, they are summarily discharged pronto and as far as the Military – and our Government – are concerned, are thrown on the scrapheap of humanity. Were it not for Price Harry and Invictus, we the general public would know very little about this.

  • TommyAtkinsGhost

    You are right Stillreading, when I was young I would have fought for this country if it had been necessary but If I was young now I would not.The undermining of our country is intentional. The only reason our leadership want armed forces is to start a war with Russia and China if possible because they refuse to fall into line with the New World Order,Globalists open border types and their enslavement policy of us all to serve them.We were warned about Totalitarian plans long ago, but have fallen straight into the trap.Why such as Theresa May et al would betray us in this way I cannot fathom I really can’t but they have.

    Yuri Bezmenov : Subversion and Control of Western Society.

    The Fabian Elite and Their Not So Secret Agenda

    The once Great Britain is no more..

  • A Thorpe

    @ Roy Hartwell: I agree about Cox, and another one is Stephen Hawking in his last book “Brief Answers…”. Also there is Richard Dawkins in “Science in the Soul” who is famous for always asking for the evidence but here he sees melting glaciers and immediately knows that humans are responsible. Did you see Brian Cox on the Australian Q&A Programme a few years ago? You can find it on YouTube together with another that goes through all his errors in some detail. I suspect that Tim Peake is another. They all have a huge influence and especially on young people. What concerns me now is why they do it. I don’t have any answers to that question. Physics is much easier.

  • jim Kenworthy

    Ten huge reasons why Britain should not stay in the Corrupt EU.

  • George DeGaulle


    Ask yourself. Why aren’t your Western media covering the total collapse of Macron’s impotent ‘En Marche’.

    Because the Western Media is complicit/owned by the Globalist/Banker Cabal that has destroyed Europe and the West in their quest for Power over us their Serfs.

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