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Give generously to help produce more starving African children!

(Monday blog)

Yemen bollox

I guess we’ve all seen them – the TV commercials where ‘famous’, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling actors tell us that we need to give and give and give and give to help starving Third-Worlders in Africa. This year, it’s Yemen that we must help. And, as our well-heeled luvvie superiors demand our money to help Yemen, we’re shown picture after picture of poor starving Yemeni children:

It’s horrific and it’s difficult to look at. But I worry that we’re only being told one side of the story.

Yemen is a total Third-World sh*thole. It’s the poorest of the Arab/Moozerlum countries – and there’s some pretty tough competition for that prize. But let’s look for a moment at the population of supposedly poverty-stricken Yemen:

I’m no expert in demographics. But if excrement-covered, backward, stone-age, starving Yemen couldn’t feed its population of about 5 million in 1970 and then couldn’t feed its population of about 10 million by 1985 and then couldn’t feed its population of about 20 million by 2005 and then couldn’t feed its population of about 25 million by 2010, how the f**k is it going to feed its current population of just under 30 million now?????????????

Bleating luvvies tell us that the problem in Yemen is due to people starving because of the ongoing war. This is bollox of the highest magnitude. The problem in Yemen is NOT war, but that one of the poorest countries in the world is producing too many children. What Yemen needs is not more food, but some birth control. But nobody in the West dares say this as this would be considered waaacccciiiisssst and colonialist and Izlumophobic etc etc etc.

Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan – same story, same lies

For at least the last 60 years we’ve been ordered by our superiors to give generously – to Ethiopia, to Somalia, to the Sudan – the list goes on and on. But what has been the result? Ever more starving Africans.

When Saint Bob did his 1984/5 BandAid thing, there were about 40 million Ethiopians.

Now there are almost 100 million and in 23 years there will be about 200 million!!!!!!! Moreover, there’s a rain shortfall in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan) every 7 to 10 years. I think I read somewhere it’s connected to the El Nino weather phenomenon.

So, if primitive, backwards, basket-case Ethiopia couldn’t feed its 40 million people when Saint Bob single-handedly saved Africa in 1984/5, how is it going to feed about 100 million now? And about 200 million by around 2040?

Without birth control, Africa will drag itself and us into chaos

I’m fed up with the lies spewed out by self-serving charities such as Oxfam and Save the Children and Christian Aid and UNICEF and all the others of their ilk with their well-paid bosses and child-raping employees. We’ve been giving and giving and giving to Africa for over 60 years and where are the water wells, and hospitals and universities and electricity plants and roads and all the other things we’ve paid for time and time again?

They don’t exist because most of our money has disappeared into the offshore bank accounts of Africa’s billionaire, kleptocrat rulers or the pockets of well-paid charity workers. Meanwhile Africa’s starving, poverty-stricken masses reproduce at a speed that most rabbits would envy.

Africa’s problem is NOT a lack of food. Africa’s problem is a lack of birth control:

In the last 40 years, with their ‘one child policy’ the Chinese have taken over 600 million people out of poverty by ensuring economic growth is faster than population growth. In the last 40 years, Africa has pushed 600 million more people into poverty because population growth in Africa has always been faster than economic growth.

But with the population of Africa at about 1.3 billion now and due to double within 22 years to about 2.6 billion and hit 3.6 billion by around 2050, we are facing a total catastrophe. Not only will millions regularly starve in Africa, but tens of millions will flee Africa’s self-inflicted misery by migrating to Europe:

And they will transform our once prosperous, civilised continent into the same kind of violent, conflict-ridden, poverty-stricken hell-holes they have come from.

So this Christmas, give generously to Africa and you’ll just increase the number of people born into poverty and hopelessness.

In fact, we should only give aid to African countries which implement tough birth control policies and tell the rest to go whistle because their misery is entirely self-inflicted.

You’ve already been fooled and lied to by the charities so many times in the past. Don’t get fooled again!

16 comments to Give generously to help produce more starving African children!

  • Eddie John

    I read an aticle recently that population needs will outstrip food production capabilities in the not so distant future.
    I guess our government still cant see that buiding on arable land is not such a good idea.

  • loppoman

    Slightly off topic and re the UN Compact for Migration.
    The BBC interviewed Sajid David this morning. The talked about migration and how it was going to be controlled after Brexit but not a peep about the Compact.
    BBC at its best.

  • Stillreading

    The world as we know it is on the way to extinction. The scientifically, artistically and medically advanced West will go first of course and it won’t take very long, given EU flagrant encouragement of third world immigration. The maths are simple. Average of two children per Western couple, average six or seven per third world couple and ever more will be coming our way to consume our resources whilst, for “cultural” reasons, at the same time destroying them. Western females, when starved due to mental illness (anorexia) become infertile if their weight falls below a healthy level. Females of chronically starving populations evidently do not. Women – even those still lactating – relentlessly produce baby after baby to add to the starving millions. The ONLY aid which should be provided to these populations is birth control, preferably by irreversible (surgical) means. Any other “aid” is not only perpetuating the problem; it is kicking it down the road and increasing it as it rolls on. Given the refusal of certain nations and cultures even to consider any form of birth control, they should be left to get on with it and Europe’s borders should be definitively closed to further immigration. Why should the West, the most advanced population the world has ever known, be expected to commit ethnic and cultural suicide? Much more sinister – why do the West’s Leaders evidently want this and are conspiring to inflict it upon us?

  • William Boreham

    My local county news bulletin dropped through my letterbox and reading the editorial – In the coming months county councillors will consider the budget for the next financial year…. But with government funding reducing again, and increasing demands ans costs for our services, there is still concern over how the council will mange in future years. The same day I read in my newspaper – New figures show that that UK spending on foreign aid has soared to £14.1 billion, up from £13.4 billion in 2016. That works out at £742 per family in Britain a year. So much for charity beginning at home. I also noticed over the weekend, one more nail in the coffin for the white European race – in 2044, the USA will no longer be a country with a white majority population.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Antifa attacks Christians in Copenhagen Christians held a march to protest their inability to publicly celebrate Christmas or promote the Danish culture due to their new “Refugees”. Antifa deployed their fascist/communist tactics to intimidate & silence the Christian Patriots.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Criticism of migration will become a criminal offence”

    Please LISTEN and hear this for yourselves

    “Criticism of Migration WILL become a criminal offence.

    8.8 Million Immigrants already here in ONCE GREAT BRITAIN, demoted to UK. So you dont get any ideas about thinking you have a proud nation.
    On 10,11 December we will be signed up to mass immigration by the UN it is voluntary but any Criticism will be a criminal offence. It is voluntary as was signing up to Agenda 21,reason being we are not allowed to vote or told about it. I say it is Illegal to do such a thing without our knowledge and consent to our own Annihilation.

    Coming to your town in the Millions soon..

    Just as we are entering into a GlobalRecession/Depression over the next 10 years as well,say good bye to the Welfare State,Your Pension (What do you think they used to prop up the Stock Market so far?)the NHS and your job most of you.Oh and its nothing to do with the Russians or Brexit, it because of our Loonies running the show here now and back to Bliar,Cameron and Brown stewardship.

    Collapse Confirmed! Lynette Zang NOV 2018 Numerous Pattern Shifts Indicate A Recession Is On It’s Way.

    Cram all the Immigrants into Europe BEFORE the impending Collapse.

    And this is the measure of the UN that you are entrusting with your lives and your childrens lives future.

    AP Exclusive: UN child sex ring left victims but no arrests.

    “May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese Curse.

    I fel sorry for the Millenials, its too easy to poke fun at their Brain Washed Naivety, there is nothing mew under the sun. What the Globalists have in store for us will make Hitler look like an Amateur.

    Some countries have refused to accept this compact, we should too , but there is no chance of that with our Lunatic Politicians.

    Ms. Arbour was referring to a number of countries, including Australia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Israel, and Austria, that have announced their intention to pull out of the accord. The United States and Hungary never expressed an intention to adhere to the pact, which Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto described as “extreme and biased.”

    Kudos to these countries for not having their head up their Ass.

    The UN is also a haven for Paedophile leaders as are the Bureaucrats that rule Brussels.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    The British Bobby will be replaced by the EU Stasi police if the Bremainers get their way.. Here is a taster of what is in store for you dummies that vote for it in Bremainerland.
    French Protesters get the crap beaten out of the French Stasi (Theresa May’s friends).
    Welcome to the Marxist Communist EU determined to wipe out Western Nations and Western Values and Civilisation, its there in your face you don’t need to look for it.

  • Stillreading

    Out of interest, can fellow Snouters suggest how we who value our native country can vote at the next election, be it imminent or some time away? Treason May has sold us down river over Brexit, is destroying the NHS, Law & Order and Education and is about get us signed up to unlimited third world immigration. Commie Corbyn would be an economic and social disaster and would possibly destroy the UK terminally – but then isn’t that what the Tories are sanctioning anyway? The Lib Dems are useless at best, dangerous at worst and would ally themselves with limp-wristed greenies. UKIP is a spent force, too occupied by fighting with itself to promise any leadership. Suggestions anyone?

  • loppoman

    What would happen if we didn’t vote at all or the numbers were so low as to be meaningless?

  • Roy Hartwell

    Even better if the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU spoilt their ballot papers at the next election. These ballots would have to be recorded (as spoilt) and any government elected then would lack any legitimacy.

  • A Thorpe

    We think we are an intelligent species but it is not looking that way. Our own stupidity revealed in this blog will change western life styles dramatically. It is human nature to want what we do not have and those who can see a way to improve their lives will take it if they can. But life has always been the same. A better life can only be created by our own effects. Those who try to take it from others will find that they destroy what they want at the same time.

    Our stupidity know no bounds. The climate is changing and our leaders have decided that we are causing it so much of our wealth creating is going into pointless policies that will achieve nothing. We have to adapt to changes, that is what evolution is about. Perhaps we will end up being one of the shortest lived species ever to evolve and it will be because of our stupidity.

  • Michael C Feltham


    I really believe you are even more cynical than I!

    Supposed “Charity”, today, is of course a huge business, with Charity Funds Raisers (Consultants again) stealing fortunes to promote worthless and pointless causes.

    I am delighted you employ one of my favourite highly technical terms: “Bollox”!

    Keep up the good work.

  • Stillreading

    I hear on the news this evening that David Attenborough, for whom I once had significant admiration and respect, is banging on again about global warming bringing about the end of the world. Given his enormous, sycophantic media following, what a pity he doesn’t direct his pronouncements towards birth control instead.

  • loppoman

    Yes you wonder how intelligent people “don’t get it”!

  • Stillreading

    If you think the UK should not sign up to the Immigration Compact (or whatever it’s called) sign this petition and pass it on. Signatures currently at over 75,000

    Once 100,000 signatures are obtained, Parliament has to debate the issue.

  • John Fields

    Maybe we David Craig followers should club together and buy an island say somewhere south of the canaries and start afresh. There would be no Muslim baby factories and the EU would be a distant memory.

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