March 2023
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Why don’t we want her? Because she’s Christian?

(Thursday blog)

A real refugee!

We should hang our heads in shame. In shame at our own cowardice. As for the progressive, look-at-how-virtuous-we-are lefties, they should hang their heads in shame at both their cowardice and their hypocrisy.

When it comes to helping refugees and migrants posing as refugees, the lefties are always out in force virtue-signalling and demanding the rest of us pay for most of the Third World to move to Europe:

And, of course, holier-than-thou multi-millionaire celebs like Lily Allen and Gary Lineker and Saint Bob Geldorf are ever so fast to demand the rest of us welcome these supposed refugees into our country:

But now we have a case of a real refugee who needs help – a refugee who is genuinely threatened for her beliefs. The person is, of course Aasia Bibi:

She has been on death row in Krapistan for the last 8 years because some women in her village got into an argument with her claiming she had defiled a cup by drinking from it because she was an infidel (Christian) and not from the Religion of Tolerance and Peace. So they did what our friends from Krapistan’s favourite religion always do when dealing with Christians – they accused Aasia of blasphemy. And, of course, blasphemy in Krapistan is always punished by death:

But this week, three judges in Krapistan surprisingly overturned Aasia’s conviction. Immediately there were mass riots by members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace demanding she be hanged:

Her lawyer has already fled abroad and the three judges are living in fear of their lives. Meanwhile Krapistan’s supposedly ‘Western’ Prime Minister, a former cricketing international playboy with more hair than brains, has caved in to the howling mob and prevented Aasia Bibi from leaving the country:

The West’s cowardice?

So, where are the protests in the West demanding we give asylum to Aasia Bibi? Where are the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling celebs? Where are the supposed ‘opinion leaders’ demanding we give asylum to Aasia Bibi? Why haven’t we heard from Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott and Polly Toynbee and the Guardianistas and all others of their ilk? And why haven’t there been “Aasia Welcome” protests across Western Europe?

Is it because Aasia Bibi is a Christian? Is it because Aasia Bibi doesn’t come from the elites’ favourite religion? Is it because our rulers and celebs are afraid that welcoming Aasia Bibi into Britain would be perceived as ‘Izlumophobic’ and maybe even cause mass rioting in Britain? It is because our rulers and all the virtue-signalling progressive are worthless, cowardly, hypocritical scum terrified of upsetting those who will be running our countries within the next 30 to 40 years?

Italy’s courage?

I never though anyone would ever praise Italians for their courage. But thankfully there has been one exception to the West’s craven cowardice – Italy. Yes, Italy has offered Aasia Bibi and her family asylum while the rest of our leaders shat themselves in fear of upsetting our friends from the West’s dominant religion. There was even a small demonstration in Italy in support of Aasia Bibi:

But there weren’t any demonstrations in support of Aasia Bibi in London or Paris or Berlin. Why not? Because Aasia Bibi is a Christian? Because our rulers and elites would rather see Aasia Bibi die than risk upsetting you know who? Because the case of Aasia Bibi is an embarrassment to our cowardly, hypocritical ruling elites and, as far as they are concerned, the sooner the screaming mob gets Aasia, the better it will be for everybody?

Who really has power in the West now?

French writer Voltaire perceptively warned:

I humbly suggest that the way the West (apart from Italy) has failed to stand up to Christian Aasia Bibi’s religious persecution tells us all we need to know about who now really has power over us!

3 comments to Why don’t we want her? Because she’s Christian?

  • Stillreading

    Excellent blog. It says what millions of nominally Christian UK citizens have been saying in the privacy of their homes and between friends. I viewed with utter revulsion on TV this morning the repellent hoards swarming through the streets of Krapistan, waving banners, screaming their hatred and rage for this poor woman and demanding her execution. I am ashamed of my country and the rank cowardice of my government for not speaking out and offering her and her family asylum. It even occurred to me that just perhaps the SAS could mount a rescue operation, but apart from the fact that it probably isn’t technically possible, if successful it would certainly inflame too many of our own relatively recent, highly desirable, citizens! Better then for our submissive government to let events take their course, then say afterwards that they ought to have done something earlier, they would have done if they’d realised how dangerous for Aasia the situation was, it’s all very sad, and “lessons have been learned”. (On home turf, how about the 98 year old man who has been beaten almost to a pulp in his own home by thieves who broke in the commit burglary? What a wonderful thing is Law & Order and crime prevention and detection in 21st century Britain!)

  • William Boreham

    Christianity in the West should have been an important ally in the fight against the evil spread of Islam. Why aren’t thousands of Christians marching in the streets to support Asia, I would turn Christian on the day and march myself.. Unfortunately due to total lack of leadership, the Pope himself an obvious idiot, Christianity is now dead duck. Our only hope is the rise of the ‘populist’ parties in Europe, mainly in the East who have a history of actually having to fight fiercely to defend their lands against Islamic invaders. Britain lacks even a mildly right wing, traditional Conservative party these days. I fear that poor women in Pakistan is doomed as the Paki government won’t have the bottle to allow her to leave the country. Amazing the uproar over the killing of some Saudi journalist nobody had ever head about, compared to the cowardly lack of publicity and outrage about the Asia Bibi situation, a far more deserving case.

  • John Bull

    As we try to leave the EU we are being under handedly absorbed into an EU army.We have to contact our MPs directly on this on the phone now.Can you see foreign troops or Para Military police French,Belgium or German jack boots marching down your street knocking on your door to take your kids away to be raised or what ever else happens by the State.They aren’t like a British bobby (see at 25 and 26 minutes in attached clip.)
    The window of opportunity to put a stop to all this is closing rapidly, the writing is on the wall.
    Big Brother came with the Baltic countries to the EUSSR from the USSR. Did the Baltic countries think they would be free joining the EUSSR? Freedom is now in Russia..
    The EUSSR will be worse than the USSR.They survived that they wont survive the EU as a nation or a people with language or traditions.The false concern for their traditions is just to suck them in, did they learn nothing from their former slavery, do they like it so much they want more and worse.Kick those British politicians out of your political parties you will pay dearly if you don’t.When the Iron Fist is removed form the EU silken glove all will be aghast, as Mike Tyson said a fist in the face soon brings your opponent to their senses.But it will be too late.
    Watch and support the watch 7 November report, time is running out!!

    Here is the 21st Century version of Big Brother:

    AI Lie Detector? Passengers Will Soon Face Automated Questioning in Three EU Countries.

    Why do we ignore the tightening of the grip around our own throats of the Iron Fist because it is in a Silken glove???

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