April 2024

Time to investigate the investigators for collusion?

(Monday blog)

Here we go again – BBC News and C4 News are having orgasms while reporting the latest attacks on Trump. Last week the attacks included yet another book (this one by some journalist who was famous forty years ago) and an anonymous source in the White House supposedly writing a letter op-ed piece for the Trump-hating, Obama-loving, Clinton-arselicking New York Times which (surprise surprise) just happens to be run by (IMHO) former lefty, progressive, perpetually-baised, rapefugee-hugging, Europhiliac BBC boss Mark Thompson.

This week we hear that Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. This news has the Trump-loathing media squealing like emotionally-incontinent 10-year-old girls at a Justin Bieber concert and once again predicting that Trump is finished.

But, given how biased our media are, are we being tricked into believing that Trump is really in trouble?

So, here’s a brief piece from Fox News featuring Trump’s lawyer, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. I realise that Fox News is just as biased for Trump as the Clinton News Network is biased against him. But at least this interview gives a side to the Trump story that we would never hear on any UK mainstream media.

Actually it’s quite amusing – the more successful Trump is and the more the US economy grows and the more Trump succeeds with trade deals, the more rabid, demented and furious the lefty Democrats become.

As for collusion – of course there has been collusion, massive collusion. There was collusion between the CIA, FBI and US Department of Justice to get Crooked Hillary Clinton elected. Then, when Trump won, the CIA, FBI and Department of Justice have colluded in trying to destroy Trump by exposing the supposed “Russian Connection”. Yet, after over two years of supposed ‘investigations’, not a shred of evidence of the “Russian Connection” has been found. “Go figure” as the Americans might say

If there’s to be any real investigation, it should be focused on how Mueller and Comey and Clinton and swarms of other establishment insiders have colluded to overthrow a democratically-elected president:

1 comment to Time to investigate the investigators for collusion?

  • William Boreham

    Just looking at those opposing Trump is enough to make me a supporter without knowing that much of his domestic policies. However, I do have reservations about his starting a form of tariff war remembering the worldwide depression of the 1930’s. His policy in Syria is even more worrying. His first (and spot on) instinct was to pull out of Syria. But it now appears he has surrendered to the Pentagon neo-cons and Zionists and allied himself to the Syrian opposition, ironically including the likes of al-Qaeda and ISIS. I recall what happened after Saddam and Gaddafi were deposed and one would think they’d think twice about a rerun. And with Russian forces there in force defending Assad, the chances of a serious conflict occurring is frightening. And he should be careful about claiming the present prosperity in the US is due to his presidency, we all know how the financial situation worldwide can change at the drop of a hat – remember Lehman Brothers?

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