February 2023
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Random thoughts on the sexual preferences of different nations

Having spent some time in an Asian city that can probably claim to be the sex capital of the world, I could not help noticing some differences in how various nationalities satisfied their sexual needs. (Please note I was with my wife, so had limited opportunities for personal indulgence beyond my permitted twice weekly). Many Japanese, it seems, are training to become gynaecologists as they spend an inordinate amount of time putting various objects – fingers, hands, ice cubes, bottles, rubber penises and so on – into the vaginas of the gogo bar girls. Although there are thousands of stunning, slim Asian beauties available, Arabs tend to choose the fattest, ugliest women they can find – the fatter, the better for them. Most Russians here have come with their families, but one solo male I talked with explained “we Russians, we like f–k asshole”. Rather than taking one girl each, Indians tend to go in groups of 4 to 5 men and take one girl for the whole group. What they then do with the girl, I hate to imagine. But at least she probably earns more in one bruising session than most other workers earn in a week.

The young French and Brits go for the best-looking girls. But there also swarms of older (60+) French and British men. Their preference appears to be young boys – unfortunately between the ages of 13 to 15 which is illegal. At the flats where we stayed, the manageress had instructed security guards not to let any boys below the age of consent into customers’ rooms. This apparently caused some furious arguments and led to some embarrassing situations. In just one week, a former British pilot aged 74 was caught by police sucking the penis of a 15-year old boy in the Brit’s car and a couple of days later, another Brit was caught by police having his penis sucked for a tenner by an underage boy when a cleaner saw them going into a shopping centre toilet together.

Well they do say that travel broadens the mind.

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