June 2024

Nobody complained when Obama separated the children

(Monday blog)

All of last week the mainstream media and the European ruling elites continued to spew out their loathing for Trump – this time for separating illegal migrant children from their parents.

As usual, the media and the virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, progressive, hug-a-rapemigrant libtards forgot to mention the reason children were being separated from their parents – a US court ruling that prevented the US Government from incarcerating children with their parents while their illegal migrant parents’ cases for asylum were being dealt with.

Moreover, nobody complained when Saint O’Bummer was separating children from their parents. I just can’t imagine why not.

I wonder what excuse the mainstream media and the usual useful idiots will find to vomit their loathing for Trump this week?

Anyway back to the separated children, here’s the inimitable Paul Joseph Watson yet again exposing the lies and hypocrisy and Trump-hatred of the mainstream media and the ruling ever-so-liberal elites. The most revealing bit is where some tossers are shown photos of illegal migrant children in holding cages and they say this is just like German concentration camps – only to find out that these photos were taken when Mr all-talk-no-trousers O’Bummer was president. Oooops!

1 comment to Nobody complained when Obama separated the children

  • tomsk

    Because Barry , er I mean Obama is their messiah figure, he is behind the scenes now with his friend George manipulating and plotting against Trump. Following another massive 9/11 that makes the last one look like childsplay they will cause Trump to take America to war. Job done, the destruction of America, Trump gone and Obama as the last president as America is finally destroyed and the globalist plan of a NWO can go full steam ahead. You cant have this with a strong America nor Britain. The EU is just one of the designated 10 world regions that will come under one leader. Antichrist. Read Revelation, read Daniel. Its coming.

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