July 2024

“We all want more and more migration” United Nations

(Friday blog)

Today I present two videos (both only 50 seconds long) with ever so slightly contrasting views on mass migration.

First: the United Nations’ wonderfully moving and convincing promotion of the massive benefits of Third-World migration into the once civilised West:

I guess this is the kind of rubbish that is being promoted by our mainstream media (the Guardian, BBC and C4 News), being spouted by holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling multimillionaire celebs (Lily Allen, JK Rowling, Gary Lineker, Bono, Saint Bob Geldorf and others of their ilk) and is being shoved down the throats of our schoolchildren by their lefty, progressive, libtard teachers.

Second: some naughty people seem to have created their own version of the United Nations’ video:

I leave it up to readers to decide which film represents the views of the privileged, internationalist, well-protected, anti-democratic elites and which film represents the views of downtrodden, increasingly harassed, increasingly threatened ordinary people.

I did note that, while comments were allowed on the second video, they were disabled by YouTube on the United Nations video. I wonder why?????

5 comments to “We all want more and more migration” United Nations

  • Julia Green

    Damn right.

  • William Boreham

    With IQ records going back to WW1, the US Army has found that it is impossible to teach anyone with an IQ of under 83 to satisfactorily perform even the simplest tasks. There are 18 countries in the world where the average IQ is below 83, right down to Equatorial Guinea at 59! That includes ALL the African countries from where hordes of migrants are on the move, geared up to flood across the Mediterranean into Europe and on to the promised land where one can live on welfare indefinitely and where deportation is virtually impossible – England.

  • A Thorpe

    We have migration because of socialism and the corruption that it brings. When Africa and India gained independence they embraced socialism and destroyed their economies. India adopted Soviet style long term planning but has at least abandoned that and is recovering well. What third world countries need is investment not aid, however, that will not happen whilst they have corrupt governments and the western governments think aid is the answer.

  • Stillreading

    Foreign Aid – at least in the form of shovelling barrowloads of dosh from Western tax payers into third-world hell-holes, where the vast majority of it falls onto the hands of corrupt chiefs – will never work. At its most primitive – which is what much African society is – nature is programmed to survive above all, which means rampant reproduction on the assumption that many of the offspring will not survive. Look at any garden and observe how the plants which are struggling on hard soil flower the most prolifically! Physical survival is all. There is no time or energy for more esoteric activities such as education and trying to improve the IQ. Human survival for many in today’s context means getting on or into any vessel available and landing on the shores of Western Europe, where our Welfare systems are the modern equivalent of the Biblical Land of Milk & Honey. Survival for those of us who have been around a bit, remember hard times, recall our fathers and grandfathers being slaughtered in way, survival means repelling boarders! Today’s Western snowflake libtards, whinging because they can’t afford to indulge all their material desires as well as save the deposit for a house, have no idea! (Incidentally, as far as I know Saint Bob, J.K. Rowling, Lily Allen and the rest of the over-remunerated, self-indulgent, self-obsessed crew haven’t so far opened the doors of luxurious hovels (!!) to the invading thousands!)

  • HotelCaliforniaBurning.

    The EU as a political construction is in a state of terminal decay. We know this for one reason and one reason alone: its core principle is the state is superior to its people. A system of government can only work over the longer term if it recognises that it is the servant of the people, not its master. It matters not what electoral system is in place, so long as this principle is adhered to.

    The EU executive in Brussels does not accept electoral primacy. It shares with Marxist communism a belief in statist primacy instead. The only difference between the two creeds is Marx planned to rule the world, while Brussels is on the way to ruling Europe.
    The credit cycle will be the EU’s undoing.
    For these reasons we know it is only a matter of time before the world faces another credit crisis. The next one is likely to be unprecedented in its violence, even exceeding that of the last one in 2008/09, because of the scale of additional monetary reflation that has taken place over the last ten years. The further accumulation of debt in the intervening period also means that a smaller increase in price inflation, and therefore a lower height for interest rates will trigger it.


    So, despite the referendum commitment, even Britain may continue to be trapped in the rotting EU super-state for a while longer, defying the wishes of the electorate. As foreshadowed in Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, the EU and the British government will take the opportunity from crisis to increase their control over their individual peoples, eroding further the limited freedoms left to them.

    Meanwhile, the British find themselves in a similar position to the Italians. The EU simply refuses to accept the British electoral mandate, because so far as it is concerned, it is not a matter for British voters. Brussels is reassured that there are powerful forces in the British establishment that will undermine Britain’s negotiating position. They are confident that Britain will never leave the EU, because it won’t be allowed. Consequently the British Brexit team finds it is trying to negotiate with that uncompromising brick wall.
    The Marxist-like certainty in the EU’s position compares with the British lack of commitment to any sound position. The Conservative government only pays lip service to free markets, unwilling to argue the case for them. Nor can it stand up for the principal of democratic supremacy of the British electorate, which, despite the mantra of acting on the instructions from the referendum, it appears willing to compromise. It turns out that despite the efforts of Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson, the British government, like the Italians government, turns out to be a supine protoplasmic invertebrate jelly, which places its short-term survival instincts above its electoral responsibilities.

    At this point, we can only surmise that, like the old Soviet Union, the EU’s political grip remains as firm as ever. The problem is that the denial of free markets and the supremacy of the super-state are gently rotting the EU from within. The Euro-sceptic instinct to abandon it for a more progressive world outside the EU is surely right. But the EU’s precariousness will only be fully exposed by the next credit crisis and the ECB’s monetary response to it, which will end up collapsing the euro.

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