February 2023
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Taboo warning! Taboo warning! Political incorrectness ahead!

(Thursday blog)

There are some people – very very stupid people – who believe:

  1. The mass of research proving that different races have different IQ levels
  2. That no country with an average IQ level of below 97 will be successful and prosperous
  3. Anyone with an IQ of below 83 will be unable to function in a modern developed society (the US military, for example, refuses to take anyone with an IQ below 83 – over 10% of most Western populations – as there is nothing useful such a person can do)

I, of course, don’t accept any of the points above. But I do sometimes wonder what the three charts and the video (link below) are telling us about the future of Western civilisation given the elites’ project of population replacement:

Chart 1: Population growth of Africa vs Europe:

Chart 2: Average IQ by country:

Chart 3: High immigration Sweden’s projected decline in development level:

Video – Crazy video by crazy people?

Just some rubbish produced by people who have clearly had a political correctness failure:

(I recommend watching it to the end if you have time)

4 comments to Taboo warning! Taboo warning! Political incorrectness ahead!

  • Gloria

    The future is not looking bright at all…..the nice land we once lived in is going down the pan.

  • Julia Green

    absolutely spot on video.

  • Alan Thorpe

    Is IQ really the issue. Ask (1) why do people believe in God; (2) why do people believe that we can control the weather by changing the amount of CO2 we release; (3) why do people believe that the EU is a force for good when its object is just a subtle takeover of all European countries to create a socialist state.

  • Stillreading

    It’s scientific fact that pre-natal influences, particularly poor maternal diet, adversely affect the IQ of the child. The majority of the Africans pouring into Europe in search of a better life-style were almost certainly born into large families where deprivation reigned. Consequently they are unlikely to be shining examples of incipient genius. To state this is not racist, un-PC, right-wing, all the insults the Snowflake generation readily hurl at those of us who occasionally speak common sense. The only hope for the third world is stringent birth control alongside education. After several generations of better-nourished children, born of better-nourished, better-educated parents, the African continent may begin to have some hope. Meanwhile it’s going nowhere and importing its population and their problems into the developed world will not pull them up, it will inevitably drag us down.

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