October 2023
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Of course there should be targets! How about 100%?

(Tuesday blog)

I’m sorry but I don’t understand the current deportation targets and Windrush scandals.

Deportation targets: Why are people howling about whether there were deportation targets or not? Of course there should be targets. The overall target should be to deport every single one of the one to two million people who are in Britain illegally. They have broken the law – they should be thrown out. All of them. As for targets – we should be looking to deport at least 200,000 a year.

Windrush scandal: When we have one to two million people who are in the UK illegally and who have mostly arrived in the last 10 or so years, I absolutely fail to understand why the utterly useless Home Office started trying to round up people who have been in the UK legally for forty or more years. Wtf were Home Office officials thinking?

Make citizenship a legal contract: My final thought is that when people are given the right to remain in Britain or even British citizenship, this should take the form of a legally-binding contract between that person and the British government. One of the terms of that contract should be if that person or any dependent commits any crime – even down to dropping litter – or claims any form of benefits then the contract is cancelled and that person and all dependents lose all rights to remain in Britain and they or any dependent are banned from visiting Britain for the next 20 years. If that was included in all right-to-stay and citizenship agreements, we’d soon see a pretty dramatic fall in crime and a rapid drop in our benefits bill. This would be simple to do, so why isn’t it done?

Theresa is a genius: Meanwhile May has played an absolute blinder by appointing the son of Pakistani immigrants as Home Secretary. There’s no way Labour will dare criticise him as that would be waacciiisssttt!

As stupid as an Abbott: Here’s yesterday’s Good Morning Britain interview with Diane ‘thick as mince’ Abbott. For the first couple of minutes the ghastly, cerebrally-challenged lady almost talks sense. Almost. But when Piers Morgan asks her for Labour’s policy on illegal immigrants yet another car-crash interview begins.

It’s really painful – Abbott thinks so slowly that you can actually see what passes for her brain trying to start moving.

How can anybody be as stupid as the appalling Abbott – our next Home Secretary?

5 comments to Of course there should be targets! How about 100%?

  • MARK

    What about the crime wave that has been unleashed on the UK population as a result of the windrush offspring? Nobody seems to be talking about that. I’d love to know the true cost of all this.

  • David Brown

    watch the youtube video Britain Abolishes itself
    posted by black pigeon
    London based on the 2011 census only has 45% of its population who list themselves as white British. There are now over a 100 constituencies with a none white British population of 30 % ensuring a labour vote.

  • twi5ted

    They focused on Windrush because they knew it would be a scandal. The powers that be can now shrug their shoulders and do nothing on the basis that they tried and it was too controversial so best left alone.

    These media stories are probably planned between the BBC and central government months in advance.

    The only positive is somehow Amber Rudd managed to trip up on the fake narrative.

  • hev

    Diane Abbott was allowed to enter Newnham college Cambridge. Did she ever exhibit a facility for critical thinking, which is usually required. What happened to it?

  • Philip

    I remember watching Diane Abbot on a ‘Celebrity University Challenge’ Jeez, she couldn’t even get name right she was so thick. How did she ever get to university? Don’t bother to answer that. We all know.

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