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SYRIA – lies, lies and more lies?

(Tuesday blog)

With so much fake news, propaganda and lies on the Internet and in the mainstream media, who knows what to believe?

What is known and certain is that Hitler used a ‘false flag’ incident to justify the invasion of Poland. Stalin used one to justify the invasion of Finland. The US used several to justify escalating the Vietnam war and the US had planned to down one of its own planes or sink one of its own ships near Cuba to justify an invasion there. And then, of course, there was our very own Anthony Blair with his dodgy dossier used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq.

These are just a few of many ‘false flag’ incidents used by politicians to fool the public and justify military action. And every time there is a ‘false flag’ incident, the mainstream media conveniently and remarkably swallows the government line about what happened and never dares question the official narrative.

So, what really happened in Syria? For the last couple of blogs, I’ve presented reports from that ‘ever reliable’ source – Russian TV – predicting a ‘false flag’ chemical attack on civilians which the West would use to justify military action against Assad’s forces.

But was it really Assad’s forces or the bearded, lunatic, anyone-slaughtering supposed ‘rebels’ – actually Izlumic terrorists – who used chlorine gas? Who knows?

But here are a few pictures allegedly from Syria and possibly suggesting our rulers might even be lying to us. You can make up your own minds.

Here’s one of the supposed poisonous gas cylinders dropped on Douma’s civilian population:

Please note that the bed it apparently landed on appears undamaged, even though the huge ‘poisoned gas’ cylinder has supposedly just been dropped hundreds of feet by a Syrian army helicopter and landed with such force that it crashed through the roof. If you want to buy a strong bed, then clearly Douma in Syria is the place to go. I also noticed that the window blinds seem to have been blown inwards whereas one would have thought that a rush of compressed gas would force them outwards.

And here’s a very lucky little – girl – she’s been saved 3 times by 3 different rescuers:

And here’s a young boy before and after supposedly being killed by evil Assad’s forces:

And here’s a young girl supposedly lying between the graves of her parents:

And finally, here’s a young girl having her make-up done before her ‘dead body’ is photographed:

I don’t know what to think or who to believe. You can make up your own minds.

Oh, and here’s someone who, as usual, was right all along:

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8 comments to SYRIA – lies, lies and more lies?

  • Daveh

    Some good digging done there David, well done.
    I think all this gas/Russia nonsense is all just a ploy to frighten us into staying in the E.U and helping our lords and masters turn us into a dictatorship …… Not to mention Kalergi and Agenda 21 or 30 whichever it is now ….

  • Julia Green

    And they always use children to fool soppy white westerners.

  • Joe Schmo

    And still not one of us has seen indisputable evidence.

    We are now getting Virtue Missile Signalling.
    The most dangerous people in the World are not the bad guys
    but people who constantly say ‘something must be done’.
    Do-gooders cause terrible harm.

    Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman did very well out of his recent state visits to London/Washington/Paris.
    Hs Sunni country is playing the West, who think that they are clever ones.
    What did personal offer did he make to Trump/May/Macron?

    And meanwhile Putin will exact his revenge on the West.
    And it won’t affect the rich leaders who started this,
    It will hurt you and me and ordinary working person on the

    P.S. Each storm shadow missile fired cost £790,000 pounds.
    I hope that Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford can persuade the new ‘boy’ defence secretary to give him some more tax payers money to buy replacements.

  • twi5ted

    Certainly throwing everything at us to distract from the elephant in the room endless vassal state transition periods. These sound like europhile wet dreams with EU passing laws UK has to follow but zero say – not that we had much say anyway of course!

  • chris

    Suggested reading:

    “Robert Fisk, the search for truth in the rubble of Douma”

  • A Thorpe

    I’m not sure that I would come to any conclusion just based on photographs, especially not these days.

    We allow western politicians to tell us that only they can be the moral guardians and peace keepers of the world and then we allow them to tax us to establish armed forces. It is then inevitable that they will use these arms with little justification because they have to prove that they are superior to dictators. They are no different. I cannot accept the destruction of property and deaths that the British governments have done in my name and the name of peace keeping. They are all warmongers.

  • Joe Schmo

    Thank you so much Chris.
    The old veteran Robert Fisk is excellent

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