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More indications it wasn’t Assad wot done it?

(Monday blog)

Just one more blog about the supposed chemical attack in Syria. Then tomorrow, I’ll show you loads of faked pictures of supposed ‘atrocities’ by Assad’s troops in Syria.

Below is a YouTube video posted on 13 February 2018 – long before Assad’s supposed chemical attack which gave Trump, May and some Frenchman the excuse to bomb a few empty sheds in Syria.

The video is from Russia’s propaganda machine – Russian TV in the US.

Just like the video I featured at the weekend, this video explains how the rebels in Syria – the usual low-IQ, inbred, violent, bearded, anyone-slaughtering, moronic, lunatics from our favourite religion – will conduct a ‘false flag’ chemical attack to draw the West into the conflict against Assad.

Obviously I’ve no idea who actually carried out the chlorine gas chemical attack. But I do find these two videos ever so slightly troubling. And it is perhaps even more troubling that none of the Western mainstream media have mentioned these videos or the possibility that it might not have been Assad’s forces who were responsible.

After all, why would Assad take the risk of using chemical weapons? Assad has won his civil war and so had no need to use chemicals just to kill a few civilians:

3 comments to More indications it wasn’t Assad wot done it?

  • chris

    Even if Russia was behind the Skripals’ attempted murder and Assad ordered a chemical weapons’ attack, surely TM’s actions are disproportionate and hence suspicious.

    Parliament has not been consulted at all yet we are on the edge of (at least) yet another war in the middle east.

    I personally believe that there are dark forces in MI6/Gov working with those international rich states, individuals, companies and organisations who do want war so as to profit from the spoils.

    To those, so called elites, we,the people,are dispensable.

    Like turkeys before Christmas we carry on misunderstanding the farmer’s care for us, until, on Christmas Eve the true horror dawns.

  • David Brown

    Two of the sites just bombed in Syria on the pretext of being chemical weapons plants were cleared of being just that back in March by the OPCW. The international independent body on the chemical weapons convention.

  • william boreham

    Few British people are aware that Churchill kept badgering the RAF to use chemical weapons (poison gas) when they were bombing insurgent villages in Iraq in the 1920’s. Despite their extensive use in WW1 (14-18) the RAF considered their use impracticable in those particular circumstances. Trump appears so upset over the death of a few Syrians, one wonders was he equally outraged by his own country, the USA, dropping over a million gallons of poisonous herbicide (and twice the total WW2 bomb load) on that poor peasant nation back in the 60’s.

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