July 2024

Canada joins Sweden – on the slope to multi-culti hell!

(Thursday/Friday blog)

First – in relation to my blog on Tuesday/Wednesday about Remoaner, Anna Soubry, I’d like to thank the reader who found this quote from the fragrant Ms Soubry in 2011:

“I believe the EU has become a huge, overly costly, bureaucratic organisation fundamentally lacking in both democracy and accountability to the many millions of people who pay for it through their taxes and are bound to live by its rules”. (Anna Soubry Guardian 2011)

I wonder what made the Right Honourable Anna Soubry change her mind? Personal ambition? The opportunity to destroy May and get herself voted by Tory Remoaners as the new PM? “Greater love for herself hath no woman than she will lay down her country for her own lousy career”. (David Craig 2018)

Now for today’s blog

We don’t get much news from Canada. Probably because it’s huge, empty, cold and utterly boring. Just like Sweden used to be before the progressive, libtard Swedish government decided to abolish their own country. Since then Sweden has become a pretty lively place with over 60 violent no-go areas, the police closing neighbourhood police stations and retreating to a few heavily protected central fortresses, a new rape culture, constant migrant gang wars, grenade attacks, soaring crime rates, increasing unemployment and all the other benefits that liberal, progressive, virtue-signalling, multi-culti policies inevitably bring. And now, thanks to the Swedish government’s efforts to make their country less boring, once boring Sweden is often in the news.

Well, thankfully the Canadistanian government has decided to follow the Swedistan government’s example to try to similarly liven up boring, empty, freezing Canadistan a little. And judging by the video below, the Canadistanian government is making good progress in emulating Swedistan’s example. No doubt, the new-look, multi-culti, progressive Canadistan will soon be in the news more frequently – for all the wrong reasons.

I have no further comments to make as to make any further comments would no doubt be classed by Britain’s useless, free-speech-censoring police as a “hate crime”.

(Just watch the first 3-4 minutes of this video. After that it starts talking about Canada and tax avoidance and loses focus on the real issue – population replacement)


5 comments to Canada joins Sweden – on the slope to multi-culti hell!

  • Julia Green

    Shocking video, you’re right, he should have just stuck with the first 4 minutes.

  • William Boreham

    “The only nation never asked if they wished to abolish themselves and turn themselves into a patchwork of tribes with nothing in common with each other? “ I can think of another closer to home. Rather amusing and engaging 60 minute commentary about that film, Black Panther followed.

  • David Brown

    Re Anna Soubry Guardian 2011 – Would like to put this on /Sun/Telegraph / Mirror readers comments – also mention this superb site.
    I do want to be sure its correct as on google key word search it only comes up on twitter/The Fogeys/

  • David Craig

    Just put the quote into Google and it will take you to the Guardian article. This is NOT fake news!

  • david brown

    I did put it into google and it does not come up . Can you email the link ?

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