July 2024

Ahmed is a very happy (and wealthy?) man

(Friday/weekend blog)

Today I’d like to introduce you to Ahmed. Ahmed now lives in Germany – with 2 of his 3 wives and 6 of his many children.

He gets a free house, spending money, social benefits, and doesn’t seem to have a job. I wonder where the German authorities found an empty house to give to Ahmed? If other similar cases are any guide, probably the authorities evicted a German working, tax-paying family to make way for Ahmed and his brood.

One of Ahmed’s wives was 13 when he married her. Clearly Ahmed likes young pussy. His third wife is still in Syria, no doubt with a few more of Ahmed’s children or children she claims to be Ahmed’s. But the German government likely will pay for her to come over too along with any mini-Jihadis she says are also Ahmed’s progeny.

In the brief video clip below, the one question Ahmed avoids answering is: how much money does he get every month? He only says that every time he goes to the bank there’s plenty of money there. Nice ‘work’ if you can get it! But in a similar case to Ahmed’s, it was found that a migrant family with a few wives and a load of brats could get over €7,300 per month from Germany’s ever-generous taxpayers:

That’s over £75,000 per year – probably all tax-free. After all, there would hardly be any point handing out this money if a large part were then to be taken back in tax. So, Ahmed could be clearing anything up to £75,000 a year. And with ‘only’ 6 children, Ahmed probably hasn’t stopped breeding yet. No doubt his baby factories will carry on pushing out ever more mini-Jihadis significantly increasing Ahmed’s already substantial income with each one.

The Internationalists keep telling us that, with Western Europe’s population declining, we need immigration to supply the workers of the future. This is a lie:

  • Firstly it’s a lie because automation, artificial intelligence and the Internet will keep reducing the number of jobs necessary. Ask any employee of Maplin or Toys-R-Us how necessary their jobs have just become
  • Secondly, it’s a lie because the people coming to Europe have no intention of ever working. Why would Ahmed get a job in a factory or warehouse paying a pitiful €20,000 or so a year when he can clear over €87,000 a year just by producing ever more children? Anyway, it’s not clear that Ahmed speaks any German or is inclined to learn any. So what kind of job could he usefully do? As for Ahmed’s many children – how many of them will become useful, highly-educated, hard-working members of society? And how many will follow their father’s example and just become lazy, sponging parasites?

Anyway, here’s happy (and wealthy) Ahmed – enjoy!

4 comments to Ahmed is a very happy (and wealthy?) man

  • Stillreading

    Without doubt it’s happening in the UK too. Maybe I’ve missed something, but in the media hype on the plight of rough sleepers in the present Siberian weather, I do not recall seeing any obviously homeless immigrant. I did, though, see a middle-aged man who had recently become homeless through a domestic dispute, declare with some passion that he “Had become a refugee in his own country”. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of his specific case, he certainly had a point! A nation’s priority should be protection and defence of its native population and this, it seems, is what both Germany and the UK are now failing to do. And, incidentally, what the much maligned Trump is now doing, with his policy of protecting American workers by imposing an import tariff on cheap steel from China.

  • William Boreham

    Europe destroyed itself in consequence of fighting each other in two disastrous 20th century conflicts. We lost an irreplaceable gene-pool of our brightest and best on the Western Front in 14-18. Germany endured a double whammy losing even more in 39-45. “All good Germans are dead,” said Hitler in 45. What they (and us) could do with a few good old Waffen SS Panzer Divisions right now. Europe faces another Dark Age as no societies have ever recovered from our low birth-rate and this time, due to the low IQ and evolutionally gap of those creatures replacing Europeans – that Dark Age will be permanent.

  • david brown

    Back in October 2013 I was in Koln and was surprised that around 10 pm there where lots of people sleeping on the streets.These where reasonably dressed mostly middle aged people. Not druggies.

  • John Fields

    What is happening in most European countries, the rise of Islam, is happening
    because the electorate, us, is allowing it to happen. We are voting in the wrong people.
    A shining example is Sweden.

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