March 2023
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Watch out dog-owners! Woofie could be the next thing banned in multi-cultural Britain!

As Britain becomes a much more inclusive, much more diverse, much more Third-World country, we need to change many of our long-held traditions and customs to make the ‘new Britons’ more welcome in our once great country.

There are many disgusting customs we have which upset the hordes pouring over our uncontrolled borders – free speech, tolerance, democracy, low levels of corruption, equality between men and women, permitting homosexuality, making rape a crime rather than a harmless hobby for men, not cutting off clitorises, working rather than living off benefits, eating pork, humanely stunning animals before slaughtering them, allowing females outside the home without making them look like Darth Vader on a bad hair day etc etc

But one thing that really pisses off many of those who have come to enrich our country is the British habit of keeping dogs as pets:

I can’t understand how dog owners can be so selfish. Don’t they understand that they are offending many of the people invading and taking over our country?

Here’s a leaflet pushed through the doors of many people in an area being taken over by multi-cultural enrichers explaining the problem:

So, dog owners, it’s time to show more respect for your new neighbours. It’s time for you to adapt to the new Britain:

It’s time for you to tell Woofie and Buster and Yappie and Chomper and Tara that their days may be numbered. It’s time for you to make your guests more welcome by getting rid of your canine friends.

And, Woofie, you’re not going to escape the coming purge on dogs by pretending to be a multi-cultural enricher:

That won’t work!

You’re not fooling anyone with that disguise!

7 comments to Watch out dog-owners! Woofie could be the next thing banned in multi-cultural Britain!

  • Dave H

    Brilliant David !!

    Just a shame i had a mouthfull of tea as i scrolled it……

  • Stillreading

    I can do nothing but applaud the supreme courage of those who continue eagerly to come into a country whose customs they evidently find so unacceptable. It must be supremely offensive for them to see women’s faces, hair and legs in public, to be prevented by the laws of the land they have so bravely come to inhabit from legally marrying a female under 16 years of age, to know they are infringing those same laws when as healthy males they indulge their sexual appetites on impulse with any unchaperoned native young woman they happen to encounter. It must be most distasteful for them to observe the natives of such a primitive nation selling and actually consuming pork. It is undoubtedly utterly appalling to observe that those natives, rather than having nine or ten children per family choose, instead, to give house room to dogs, and even derive pleasure from walking these offensive animals in public places. I am confident that all we native-born UK citizens will soon learn to consider our traditional customs quite abhorrent and will be eager to do everything in our power to cure ourselves of our uncivilized inclinations.

  • muhammadmumtaji

    show respect
    Allah demands it

  • Mad Brian. ( and getting madder)

    Don’t talk to me about dogs and Muslim’s in parks !

    Unbelievable as it is, this is what happened yesterday in Edinburgh.

    Each evening, I take my dog to Pilrig Park for a run before I go home from work.

    Over the last 12 months or so, the two play parks have become the exclusive domain of burka wearing women of eastern persuasion who each appear to have five or six children of pre-school age running around them. It’s now a no go area for white women with kids.

    Yesterday as I was walking my dog with a roll of poo bags in my pocket, one such woman squatted down in the middle of the park , lifted her skirts to show her behind and actually shat in the park !

    Although there are bushes and trees in the park, she made no attempt to utilise any of them for cover but simply shat in the middle of the park, on the grass.

    I could not believe my eyes. I was so annoyed that I almost went up to her with a poo bag to tell her to clean up her mess, but then I thought ” What is the point ? ”

    All that would happen is that I might get arrested for harassing the woman and not respecting her culture.

    This is the same park that about six years ago, over a thousand Sikh’s from all over the country held a protest rally because a Sikh boy claimed he had had his hair cut by three white teenagers.

    While the newspapers ran stories about how every white person in Leith was a racist, over eighty suspects were interviewed by the police before the boy in question admitted he had got his hair cut at a barber shop.

    It transpired he made up the story because he was frightened as to how his father would react to him going against their custom and getting a western haircut.

    It never dawned on the police at the time to question how the haircut was done in a nice professional style or to look for evidence of human hair at the “scene of the crime”

    Anyway, this is the type of people we have invited here to share our country with. What a wonderful contribution to our economy and culture they make.

    Those responsible should be tarred and feathered

    Welcome to THE TURD WORLD !

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Filthy, disgusting animals….and they walk amongst us!

  • muhammadmumtaji

    best kill all 4 leged creatures
    Allah will be angry if not
    i throw stones at dogs and kill 1 last week
    Islam is here to stay and Allah has made it so towards worldwid caliphate
    None is stronger than Allah you will learn

  • brutalyou

    That dog is class!

    As for not offending them, the dogs way cleaner.

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