May 2024

Fat, ugly girls rejoice! Here’s some good news for you!!

Sub-Equatorial South Africa

First some great news from South Africa. South African president Jacob Zuma has survived a vote of no confidence caused by a widespread view that he was utterly corrupt and was just filling his own pockets while he and his cronies in the Gupta family and the ANC were trashing the South African economy.

This result is to be welcomed. After all, it’s estimated that Zuma has only managed to accumulate a fortune of around $300m from his presidential salary of $272,000 a year. I mean Zuma’s $300m is mere pocket money compared to his best chum, Uncle Bob Mugabe in Zimbabwe (a country we give millions in aid each year) who is believed to have amassed around $4bn.

So, it’s only right that the fat, useless, incompetent, corrupt, thieving clown (sorry, I meant “great honest, leader”) Zuma should be allowed a few more years in power to help build up his retirement fund to a similar level as Uncle Bob from Zimbabwe.

The Caliphate of Swedistan

And a quick little story from Swedistan. About 100 supposed ‘child migrants’ started a sit-in strike on Sunday demanding that all of them (many from Afghanistan) be given permission to stay in Sweden. Apparently newspaper reports and TV pieces about the supposed ‘children’s’ sit-in strike didn’t show any pictures of the supposed ‘children’ as reporters were unable to find any sit-in strikers who actually looked anything like children

Sub-Equatorial Germany

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how older German and Austrian women have no need to take sex holidays in Gambia and the Caribbean any more. They can now pay for sex with exotic men from among the many millions of Merkel’s migrants who have flooded into their country.

And now there’s even more good news from Germany. Are you a fat, ugly German girl with hairy armpits, huge floppy elefantine breasts, a Michelin man stomach and a sweaty, stinky v*g*na? Probably not.

But if you are, as this short video shows, life for you is very good. There are plenty of men, real men from Africa not testicle-free emasculated, feminised w*nkers from Germany, available to give you sexual satisfaction with their bbcs:

Moreover, if you ever get tired of the bbcs that are already in Sub-Equatorial Germany, don’t worry there are plenty more on their way. The short video below shows a typical day in the Spanish African enclave of Ceuta – a flood of invaders pouring in. And once they’ve got into Ceuta, they’ve got into the EU and could soon be heading for Benefits Britain or Sub-Equatorial Germany thanks to free money and free train tickets from the Spanish Government ever happy to get rid of these invaders.

Oh, and if any reader is worried about the effects of uncontrolled immigration from violent, backward, poverty-stricken Third-World hell-holes into collapsing Europe, you can relax. As you can see, most of these wonderful people are quite clearly highly-educated engineers, software experts, rocket scientists and brain surgeons with a mission to help our failing economies while also bringing us multi-cultural enrichment.

So we should welcome them into our midst:

2 comments to Fat, ugly girls rejoice! Here’s some good news for you!!

  • David Brown

    over ten years ago I lived in the town of Boston Lincolnshire. There where large numbers of Eastern Europeans and Kurds working mostly for farmers. A few stunning Russian women in the area. Quite a number of white well built English goes with their families and many of these men getting disability due to stress or dubious back problems.
    There was also a surprising number of white borderline retard women around. Most had social housing and many had an black males, clearly recently from Africa, living with them. What the women had to offer was a place to live.

  • zx80

    So where are all the intellectually, culturally and morally superior immigrants then?
    I cant say Ive seen ANY engineers, surgeons, telecoms experts, space science engineers, nuclear or medical technicians of any kind coming in.
    Where are they all?
    What? There arent any? Are you telling me Ive been had?
    And after I held up my “Rapugees welcome” sign as well!
    I want my money back, Ive been diddled. [facepalms]

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