May 2024

Will freezing winter get global warming con-artists fiddling their figures yet again?

The man-made global warming fanatics were having a great winter. Europe was having its warmest winter for decades. That allowed them to bleat on about how they were right and climate change sceptics were wrong. Then came the cold weather. In fact, the coldest winter since records began and over 120 people are dead. Woops. That’s not so good for the warmists. So how will the warmists at the University of East Anglia’s laughable Climatic Research Unit and other such centres of academic excellence in falsifying data react? Will there be lots of phone calls between warmists (remember they don’t dare send emails any more in case these are ever leaked) as they discuss how to massge the figures to prove that their global warming bollocks is not a load of bollocks? Prrobably. And once the cold weather has gone, will they just say that this was a small blip but really the world is warming up? Of course. So as you sit at home freezing, be happy. The world is a warmer place.

Today Chris “seven homes” (or is it eight?) Huhne could get sacked and someone with a smidgin of common sense could replace him. Then we could start to get rid of all the useless windfarms and environmental taxes. But no doubt useless Huhne will keep his job or else his replacement will be equally brainwashed by the fiddled figures of the global warming fantasists.

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