March 2023
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Welcome to Canadistan! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Here’s a story that should cheer us all up:

Canadian authorities have had to open the Olympic Stadium in Montreal as a temporary shelter for ‘refugees’. So many Moozerlums, Haitians and other enriching nationalities have fled the United States to seek asylum in Canada that Canada’s existing refugee reception centres can no longer cope.

In recent months, a soaring number of people have crossed from the United States to Canada. Many have expressed concerns they’ll be deported under democratically-elected President Donald Trump’s policies.

In the first half of 2017, more than 18,000 people sought asylum in Canada, according to Canadian Government figures. This is already more than 75% of the total number officials registered last year. Just the Quebec authorities said the number of asylum seekers crossing into the province skyrocketed in July, when around 1,500 arrived, up from 180 in July 2016. So, with any luck, the number of ‘refugees’ fleeing from the ‘unsafe’ USA to Canada by the end of 2017 could end up being two or even three times the 2016 figure.
Yippeeee! Trump must be laughing!

The average cultural and intelligence level of the US population is increasing by the day. While that of Canadistan is falling.
Well what did the Canadians expect once their lefty libtard, floppy-haired, feminised fop of a leader Justin “Justine” Trudeau did a Merkel and invited the whole world into Canada?
Oh how happy Justine must be with all the new voters he’s importing to enrich the lives of boring, mono-cultural Canadians:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, centre, poses for selfies as he greets refugees from Syria at Pearson International airport, in Toronto

Limp-wristed, lefty twat Justine tweeted (see above) that Canada welcomed anyone  “fleeing persecution, terror and war”. Soon dopey, arse-brained, tear-jerkingly progressive Canadians are about to find out that the rapefugees/migrants are not “fleeing persecution, terror and war” but are actually importing “persecution, terror and war”.

Enjoy your future, Canadians! It’s what you voted for:

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  • NoMore

    “the rapefugees/migrants are not “fleeing persecution, terror and war” but are actually importing “persecution, terror and war”.”

    Now that’s a quote to take to the bank.

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