November 2018
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Rotten, corrupt Pakistan is our enemy – Mr Cameron

A new NATO report reveals what most people have always known – Pakistan is our enemy. The Pakistani government hid Osama Bin Laden in the one place they thought he would be really safe – in a compound just beside a huge military base. They assumed (wrongly) that nobody would dare arrack Bin Laden when so many brave Pakistani forces were so close. And for over ten years the Pakistani military have been helping the Taliban kill and injure British troops. Ten years! That’s longer than the First and Second World Wars together. The NATO report also admits what most of us have always known – the war in Afghanistan has been a disaster, we have lost, the Taliban have won and as soon as Western troops leave the Taliban will take over the country and Karzai the Corrupt and all his equally corrupt cronies will flee to their luxury homes in Dubai paid for with billions looted from Western aid.

It’s time to stop all immigration from Pakistan, stop all direct flights, stop grovelling to Pakistan’s utterly corrupt government and treat Pakistan like the enemy which it is. It’s also time to bring our troops home and stop wasting money and lives on a pointless war which we have lost.

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