December 2022
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Another “triumph” for Liar Merkel and Liar Sarkozy?

Since the start of the financial crisis, we seem to have had an extraordinary number of EU summits where Liar Merkel and Liar Sarkozy tell us that they’ve solved the eurozone’s problems. Then a couple of days later we find out it was all a bunch of lies and the problems get worse. But this week these two lying idiots really excelled themselves. They not only claimed to have saved the eurozone (yet again) but also boasted that they had taken action to avoid any similar crises in the future. Of course, it’s all baloney. Greece is bankrupt. Portugal is bankrupt. Italy is bankrupt. Spain is bankrupt.

There is only one solution to the crisis – make EU taxpayers in the North pay for the stupidity, laziness, tax avoidance and corruption of the Club Med countries. This will happen in two stages. First the ECB will buy worthless Club Med bonds at face value with taxpayers’ money and then mark them down to half or less of their face value, cutting the debts of Club Med and losing taxpayers hundreds of billions. Then the EU will allow the lazy, profligate, tax-avoiding Club Med countries to lower their borrowing costs by issuing eurobonds guaranteed by eurozone taxpayers in Germany, Austria, Holland and Finland. But while Club Med countries’ borrowing costs will fall, these costs will rise for German, Austrian, Dutch and Finnish taxpayers. This willl ‘solve’ the crisis and save Club Med from bankruptcy. Most German taxpayers will be too stupid to see how they’ve been screwed by their leaders and most Austrians, Dutch and Finns will be too cowardly to go against what their German masters order them to do.

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