April 2024

“We don’t need no education”

How we all enjoyed it when Pink Floyd sang Brick in the Wall:

“We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teacher, leave them kids alone”

But in the Caliphate of Swedistan some people seem to have taken the message from Pink Floyd’s song to heart. As millions of Merkel’s rapemigrants flooded into Europe, we were assured by our rulers that, with West European populations declining, we needed the rapemigrants to join the labour force. Moreover, the mainstream media brought us seemingly endless stories of highly-educated rapemigrants who would supposedly make a huge contribution to our society.

Can you spot the engineers and computer scientists?

Unfortunately, studies by the Swedish Government over the last two years have shown that we were (as usual) fed a pack of lies. The stupid Swedes have found to their astonishment that few, if any, of the hundreds of thousands of rapemigrants welcomed to Sweden have any education at all making over 96% completely unemployable in a modern Western society.

No problem. The Swedish Government have invested hundreds of millions to provide free education for the rapemigrants so they can eventually get jobs. But much to the Swedish Government’s surprise less than 4% of the rapemigrants have showed any interest in this free education. Over 96% have refused any education and have shown no interest in ever working. These 96% have decided they would rather not work ever in their lives. Instead they would rather live off free money, free housing, free everything while supplementing their generous handouts with drug-dealing and theft and getting free entertainment through groping girls in swimming pools, rape and rioting confident that, if ever caught, they wouldn’t be punished anyway.

Sven’s retirement plans vs Ali’s retirement plans

The unfortunate disinclination of the often inbred, low-IQ, violent, intolerant, illiterate, unemployable invading masses to get an education or a job is posing a not inconsiderable problem for the useless, testicle-free Swedish Government. Their plan was that as Swedes retired from the workforce, the new arrivals would take their place thus providing the tax revenues to pay for Sweden’s generous pension system.

However, the new arrivals have a different plan – Swedes should continue to work and pay tax so the so-called “new Swedes” could live off benefits while producing endless streams of West-loathing mini-invaders and turning Sweden into Europe’s first Third-World country.

And here, for those who haven’t seen it is the result of a UN forecast which predicts that by 2030 Sweden will be on a clear downward track towards Third-World impoverishment:

Oh dear. Seems like someone has bungled.

2 comments to “We don’t need no education”

  • zx80

    The population must be so pussywhipped by the charge of racists! that theyre prepared to be murdered, raped, stoned, shot, beaten, sodomized and bred out of existence by their new buddies.

    Its the only explanation for such behaviour as allowing their country to be taken and destroyed by such ungrateful pigs……(no offence to pigs).

    Sweden, lovely place and people, now jihadi central.
    All thanks to your multicultural, islamic loving leftist nirvana propagation goon squad.
    Good job boys, way to go, how to f*ck up a country in short order.
    One can only hope that eventually the indiginous population wakes up and shoves every one of those inbreds right back out the door, but i reckon its too late, swedens had it.

  • brian rodney

    According to this Swedish MP ( she is actually an Iranian ) there is no problem in Sweden regarding their new citizens.

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