April 2024

“No sh-t, Sherlock!”

Yesterday a House of Lords report on the refugee/rapemigrant crisis came to an astonishing conclusion – the UK/EU policy of providing a free luxury ferry service from the Libyan coast to Europe and then giving all the rapemigrants loads of free money, free train tickets to Benefits Britain and anything else they want has not managed to discourage millions of Africans and Arabs and suchlike from wanting to come to destroy Europe.

“No sh-t, Sherlock!”

It took a House of Lords committee months of investigation to reach that conclusion!

It was almost embarrassing yesterday watching the BBC and Channel 4 News and the BBC’s Daily Politics as loads of supposed ‘experts’ and politicians all discussed this extraordinary conclusion while political correctness prevented anybody saying the obvious – if you want to stop the invasion then tow the rapemigrants back to Libya and dump them back on the beach there. That would soon send a message that Europe is closed to violent, illiterate, often-inbred, usually low-IQ, unemployable economic parasites.

For years this website has been showing the obvious – with Africa’s explosive population growth, Europe will soon be swamped if we don’t stop the invasion:

But still our rulers refuse to face reality and continue allowing an invasion that will probably lead to civil war in several Western European countries and the possible destruction of Western civilisation.

I’m getting tired of stating the obvious. So here’s someone much more articulate than me:


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