July 2024

The great “Africa needs more money” lie

The invasion and the lies

The invading hordes from Africa continue to pour into Europe at a rate of at least 20,000 a week (over one million a year):

At first we were told that it was our humanitarian duty to ‘rescue’ them from drowning. But slowly we’ve started to realise that our rulers and supposed ‘charities’ have been lying to us and are actually sending an armada of boats to just a few miles from the Libyan coast to ferry the African invaders to Europe as part of our rulers’ and the libtards’ West-loathing policy of erasing national identity and race replacement.

Realising they’ve been lied to, this is making some ordinary voters angry and so our rulers and the libtards have started to change their story. Now our rulers and the libtards are beginning to claim that, as the invaders are supposedly ‘fleeing poverty’, all we need to do to stop the invasion is give more aid money to Africa.

So today, I’d like to briefly test this new story


Here’s a lovely man. He’s South African President, Jacob Zuma. He always looks very happy:

No wonder. Mr Zuma’s salary is a generous $188,000 a year. He’s been President for 8 years thus being paid $1.7m. Nice work if you can get it. But Mr Zuma’s net worth has been estimated to be over $275m, though one report claimed he could be worth up to $13.2bn. I wonder where Mr Zuma’s hundreds of millions (or even billons) came from? Most of Mr Zuma’s family also have hundreds of millions each from lucrative positions in South Africa’s industry.

But while Mr Zuma and his clan become ever richer, South Africa’s economy is collapsing, South Africa’s debt has been reduced to junk status and the chances of civil war are rising.


And here’s Mr Zuma with another happy man. One of Mr Zuma’s best mates, Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe:

While Zuma is busily and enthusiastically destroying South Africa, Mugabe has successfully destroyed Zimbabwe. Although Mugabe is estimated to be worth over $4bn, ordinary Zimbabweans have been reduced to penury under Mugabe’s rule and about one third of the population have fled the country.


But kleptocrats like Zuma and Mugabe are mere beginners compared to some other African leaders. Let’s take Ethiopia. We’re forever being told to give money to charities to provide food and water for Ethiopia’s supposedly ‘starving millions’. How wonderfully humanitarian we are!

But there are a few things the charities ‘forget’ to tell us. Like, for example, the fact that the 10 richest families in Ethiopia are estimated to have wealth of over $22bn. Ooooohh, imagine if these families paid just a little income or wealth tax? Then perhaps Ethiopia’s people wouldn’t need any aid to get food or water?

And then there’s oil-rich Nigeria where an estimated $14.2bn get stolen each year. When Nigeria’s previous leader, Goodluck Jonathan was ‘elected’, the joke was “Goodluck Jonathan, bad luck Nigeria”:

Corruption is such a wonderful thing

The organisation, Transparency International, estimates that each year Africa’s rulers loot three times as much money from their countries as those countries receive in aid and foreign investment. So, if we could just cut African corruption by say a half, that would still give Africa’s crooked rulers many billions while we could stop all aid and Africa’s countries would still be richer.

So, don’t believe our rulers’ and the libtards’ lies. Africa doesn’t need our money. Africa needs its rulers to just reduce the amount of money they’re looting.

And, for any new readers who haven’t seen it, here’s a short (3 minutes) video I made with the help of a reader showing how every day is Christmas for Africa’s rotten rulers:

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  • MGJ presently has South Africa at stage 6 in its genocide classification. Given that a senior political leader recently told his supporters to be ready, but not to murder all the whites…YET…this seems quite conservative.

    Being a white SA farmer must truly be one of the world’s most dangerous professions. Much like the kulaks under Soviet rule, once they are gone, famine is inevitable.

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